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Friday, February 5, 2010

Is it about Black Babies?

Eh, I gave my word that I would shut up about this business of carrying off Black babies from Africa to America. For whatever 'it's good for the child' reason. So I think I'm keeping my promise by talking about the Caribbean Islands.

Eish, I'm thrice affected, I'm a Baptist, a former resident of Boise, Idaho and a former Black child (I'm a Black woman now, ahem). So it hits me hard that Baptist missionaries from that area don't know from a book; since when don't people not know how to read, Eh? IT IS NOT ONLY AMERICA THAT HAS LAWS SO FOR CRYING OUT LOUD, IF YOU WANT YOUR VERY OWN LITTLE CUTE BLACK CHILD WHOSE FUTURE YOU CAN FIX; REMEMBER, FOLLOW THE LAWS! UNLESS OF COURSE, YOU ARE A CELEBRITY, SOME GIVE CELEBRITIES THE BABIES FOR FREE.

So, it seems the journey continues, every which way, Blacks must continue be taken to the West it seems.......sigh!

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