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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Childhood Game called Monday

That had to be the best game ever invented, it was a game all new students were taught soon after signing up at ZPPS. I wonder if anyone plays it there or anywhere else. I heard kids were banned from playing it after a major accident but come on, they see worse on the rugby fields. Here is how it goes:

1. Students locate the widest flight of stairs which has at least 8 steps

2. One student, the Caller, is nominated and s/he stands at the foot of the stairs facing the rest of the players

3. The players (minimum 2, maximum 8+)stand in a neat lengthways single file row on the 8th step

4. The 7 steps in front of the players are Monday, Tuesday etc. in that order

5.The objective is to get players to jump to the step that corresponds with the day called out: i.e. MONDAY = players jump to step 1; THURSDAY = players skip to step 4. The Caller will call out forward days or backward days so you can expect to skip multiple steps both downwards and upwards.
If you have short legs or carry a few extra pounds, this is not the game for you. you fall, you're out. You land on the wrong day, you're out. You slip overmuch, you're out!

Elementary gymnastics seems like. Ah, that game of Monday.

pic: 100awesomethings

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