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Friday, March 26, 2010

Russell Peters and his jokes on Africa

I debated whether this topic necessitates an entry or not. Apparently it does. However, since I give a prejudiced take on this, let it be known that I only make this opinion after only one viewing of Russell Peters and random googling afterwards (and googling biased to my own opinion. So perhaps only a few words would suffice:

I'd say there are bits of Russell Simmon's repertoire or whatever it is called that are funny. However, I was at first pretty annoyed that all this guy seems to know about Africa and it's peoples (outside of South Africa) is clicks (which themselves are funny enough, agh, never mind, I'll give it away); spear-wielding people speaking gibberish and endowment factors of the male populations. It's actually quite distracting the ignorance I forgot to laugh but then I should be comforted enough, thanks to James Scott that our transcript remains as it should be for now, so obscure that it's still funny for people like him to highlight antiquated knowledge about African people. Good for you, come to think of it.

Remain there where you should be. It's a wonderful comfort zone and the perks are good. Here's a pillow, oops I'm not supposed to know what a pillow is, sorry. He's a spear and shield, click click. Do you want a Kuber with that? Maybe not.

I was about to comment identity crisis issues (what with that name and nationality) but eh, I've used up my English vocab quota for the decade. Click, gibberish gibberish, click, !click, gibber jabber, click, click, gibberish gibberish, click, !click, gibber jabber, click, click, !xi, !xa, !gibber, !jabber etc, etc.

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