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Saturday, April 10, 2010

Interesting Lobola conversation on TV

Family of older white guy: so how much are you expecting from us?

Family of young black girl: 20 cows

White guy:

What? With all due respect i have to interject here. I have paid for the negotiation gifts to bring us to this point, I have offered to pay for the wedding, you know I will be there for her financially. Now I have to pay for 20 COWS? I didn't sighn up for this!!!

Father of Black girl:

You didn't sign up for this? You didn't sign up for this? My daughter is young, never been married, well behaved, can look after herself, has a post-grad education, works for herself, thinks for herself AND NOW COMES YOU AN OLD MAN, DO YOU THINK I SIGNED UP FOR THIS????

Family of older white guy: Okay, so how many cows are we talking again?

You gotta admit, the dynamics in this conv. couldn't have been more hilarious!

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