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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Yo-ism; the 'Niggah sub-culture' discourse continued...

I'm kicking myself for overlooking in my last post the whole topic of Yo-ism as part of the hip hop scene in Africa. So instead of writing about it I'll just share what I found already written at Timve Magazine ( The author of the piece below has done a far better job than I could have ever done. Big up Timve Mag!I didn't see you before now I definately see you-o!

"... the hip-hop community popularly known as ma (plural 'the') YO!, funny thing is no-one will admit to be one of them but from dressing and behavior we can pretty much point them out. They just stand out.

The main difference between reggae guys and ma Yo is in the sense of where they are. The reggae guys know that they are living in Africa, but ma Yo seem to be living in another world altogether: stories of ghettos; when they come from well to do families; money they talk about and don’t really have; cars that they drive and yet they are on public transport... Then there's the issue of America which is like their Mecca of hip-hop.

Ma Yo are very much in touch with their 'holy land' and get direct instruction from there on issues of dress code and language even attitude. The Ma Yo world is very synchronized in everything that they do, for example if Jay-Z says he has haters then everyone in the hip-hop world will most definitely start wailing about how they have haters too!

As for those that do music, almost all of them want to get a record deal in America. Even though they are from Africa and only about two artist with direct African roots have made it: Akon and now upcoming is K’Naan."



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