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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

South Africa 101 a letter to WGN-TV

Dear WGN-TV Chicago,

With less than a month to the World Cup let me take it upon myself to show you where South Africa really is. You see, that continent south of you is South America. The World Cup will only take place on that continent in 2014, in a country called Brazil. This year, starting next month, the World Cup is taking place in South Africa. South Africa is located on the Southern most tip of the continent of Africa (hence the name 'South' 'Africa'). You know, where all those movies use dodgy rights to tell/sell the stories of icons found in South Africa e.g. Winnie Mandela etc.

If you take your world map, it's located south of Europe which is to your east. Note to self: Now this is why I complain when Western countries report on African countries, if they can't place the said countries on the map, whatever next? Alas, whatever next?

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

sad story... jaja, just found it by casuality...
If media isn't working right, how can children put effort on school?

Regards from Chile!