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Friday, June 4, 2010

Mandela at the World Cup

We'd all like to see the Madiba attending the openning of the games. If he decides to go, I hope he'll be placed in a sound proof compartment, this is going to be, happily of course, the loudest World Cup ever. I got a vuvuzela, the old school kind( the 2 and half foot, blow till your cheeks pop kind) and now I'm so jealous of my neighbour. She got a teeny one with twice the blare. Really, twice the blare.

Agh, I should have waited, it's always better to wait, a la 'good things come to those who wait.' Ah well, old school is good,original.

Now what happened to Drogba and Ferdinand? Fractured elbow, injured knee. So they join Beckham as liason for their respective teams. Pepani. Zamina mina eh eh waka waka eh eh! Zamina mina zangalewa it's time for Africa, anawa ah ah! Not bad Shakira and Freshly Ground. Old song but never gets old. For those of you hearing it from Shakira and Freshly Groudn for the first time, look for a movie called Sudan. It's about the war between the Brits and the Sudanese and there's a part in it where the Sudanese fighters were singing it, so yeah, it's not specifically about soccer.

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