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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Dutch Lucky Charm?

I have a theory I will throw about on Sunday.  See, it seems to me that when I root hard enough for an unlikely contender in a significant tournament, the unlikely contender wins!  Ja, I kid you not :-)

My commitment to particular teams/sports needs work I know, I am trying. Hey, think back to the ABC Lions, back in the early part of this decade, they did well. I was there. I rooted well. The Boise Broncos, they did well, I was there, I rooted well.  Now, the Netherlands, since I have been here (and this is not arrogance, tssk tssk) have done well so far, I am here, I have rooted well so far.  Now to put whether I am the perennial lucky charm I am putting this down to Sunday.

I am rooting for the Netherlands, they have worked hard, showed no arrogance and have not cheated their opponents throughout the components as others have through hook (read hand balls) and perhaps crook (read biased refs.).  Hup! Holland Hup!   Let's go Holland!  You don't need a lucky charm but I am here volunteering anyway!

  Hup! Holland Hup!

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