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Saturday, July 17, 2010

On Windmills and the Spanish Win

It was a great game, between the Netherlands and Spain. Too bad it didn't turn out into a victory for the Dutch. Congratulations to the Dutch for such an exciting performance, and too bad that my days as a lucky charm are over, me thinks. No room for superstition, except when it comes to certain sea animals. I miss the Orange excitement around here.

I went to see a windmill yesterday, in Burdaard. Wow! those things aren't for making the scenery look pretty. 35 meters above ground and I was dusty from the grain and wood dust of the mill and saw-mill that form the production side of the wind mill. Amazing engineering, and this particular engineering was worked out before the 20th century!  Windmills aren't child's play, neither are they to be only wind sails mounted on high to generate power to the X times X amount.

It was like being in an engine craft the size of high building.  Our own maize or saw-mills in Malawi do the job required of them koma tichepetse noise pollution pang'ono (akuti ana okulira near maize mills develop hearing problems) and kapenanso explore ways that do not depend entirely on magetsi. A Malawi we must wake up! tawonani anzathu they keep improving ways to harness the wind. Kapena we should support William Kankwamba and also help as Malawians kuti naye akawone different ideas to build upon his, such as the ideas of anthu akuno ku Netherlands!

Now, octopus anyone?

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