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Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Netherlands, Germany, Frisia and the case of the HIV dogs all in one week

It is good to be on a roller coaster. Several days ago I said goodbye to the Netherlands and the new discoveries I made there. I discovered, that among other things, Europe is vastly different from the US when it comes to the outlook of individual persons. The objectives of their systems both political and economical (and I have blogged about these systems several times over) overlap but individuals view the world differently, and they view themselves and their culture differently. It's good to have travelled to both places; US and Europe so as to compare elements of what we here in the Southern Hemisphere refer to as the West.  And for time spent there, dankuwel Orange!...and if you are reading this Folkert, here's to YOU!

I said 'hello' to Germany a few days ago. Thanks to friends, I was able to see and taste a range of German culture. The experiences, I hope, will help colour this blog further in my processing of the world as I see it from this end of the globe. So also for the time I spent there, dankeshoen Deutschland!

And then there was Frisia, ah! Keep it up folks of Frisia: healthy sense of pride with the surroundings to match.  NL and D were great but Fryslan, I must say, takes the top spot for me!

Now returning to these southern parts I chanced upon a story that happened over in Malawi. Apparently, a couple whose 5 dogs bit their guard took it upon themselves to illegally request an HIV test done on the guard so that they know if their dogs contracted the virus:

So dumb....apparently the memo hasn't reached some people that HIV stands for HUMAN IMMUNO...never mind....

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