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Friday, August 27, 2010

Thandi Ape

Yes, good to finally know my last name doesn't mean market as in DRC soko. It's now settled that the name means ape! How do you do? My name is Thandi Ape, it's still AyObA!

Last night my father told me that he met a whole group of Soko's near Masvingo.  This puts an end to googling my last name and coming up with Japanese furniture stores. Refreshing to hear that we do exist, in larger groups outside of our tiny clan in Malawi.  Apparently, the Soko near Masvingo have the Shona totem of 'Manyuka' or is it 'Munyaka' (????) while-as we have the Ngoni 'Mafeni' totem in M-dubs. 

Now I finally have something to say to all those non-edjamacated round here who insist on asking my opinion about Uncle Rob!  Zim is not so distant to moi anymore with them fellow Soko's living out there.  Here's to the Soko clan! Here's to Masvingo!

pic: college ape, from Cliff Barakman's

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Naomi Msusa said...

Aiwa zvaonekwa Vhudzijena
Thank you Soko
White-hair, The Pompous one
Thank you Bearer of Children
The Tree-climber, one-who-always-barks
Those who survive by stealing
Those who bath only once in a year
Those who have four legs, the tail being the fifth
Thank you very much my dear Soko

Those who have the same totem as the chief
The descendants of Pfumojena
Those who came from Guruuswa
Soko Mbire of Svosve
Those who come from Hwedza
The iron-smelters
The rain-makers of Matojeni
A good service has been done the alert one, those in in the rocks
We eat centipedes, we throw ants into our mouths
Thank you for the good service, great lineage
The original inhabitants
Those who obtained chieftainship through shrewdness and diplomacy
The one who constantly looks back when moving
Wherever they settle there is quarreling and crying
When seated you are constantly scratching your body
Those always on the cliffs, who refused to till the land
The pompous one who walks proudly
The Slippery-rocks that are slippery to those come from afar
But is friendly to those in the vicinity
It has been done, a lineage that does not refuse to perform a task no matter how it is treated
Those on the steep rocks and cliffs, one-who-rests-only-when-he-is-full

Indeed your kindness has been seen, White-hair