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Monday, October 18, 2010

On Matthew Parris and his comment on Africa and Missionaries

I had an itch every time I saw Matthew Parris quoted by missionaries as a stamp of approval for the work they do.  I was of the mind of getting to thinking what to write about this fella who is seemingly stuck between colonial-nostalgia and post-colonial shock.  His need for having something to say about Africa (with such limited lived experience here/limited personal encounters with diverse Africans on the longer term) is beyond me.  I suppose access to the global media has a way of making folks give an 'educated' opinion at every whim?? Search me.

Anyway,  I came across (quite thankfully) these two blogs that wrote on the topic of Matthew Parris much better than I could ever hope to. Luckily there's a balance actually: the one link is written by an African and the other a Westerner.

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