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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost in Draft

How? Wrote lines and lines about whether it makes global economic sense to allow unlimited money to accumulate on 'talent' i.e. the who's who of the grammys and Oscars for example. 

Celebrities of the US and UK have no ceiling it seems when it comes to endorsement deals, advertising deals, record deals, appearance fees, photo/story sales to magazines...the millions they get paid just seem to grow with every decade.

Well, what I wrote just disappeared  into cyberspace, poof! just like that. Thank you net nanny for nipping my criticism of this new class in the bud. Do you suppose 200 years from now people will say: 'the 21st Century was characterised by a steadily growing class of the wealthy, the Celebrities!' Well now, that's a topic for another day, fare the well my recently snatched draft...


Folkert activist , Fries, metalhead etc. om Ăștens said...


and now I would really love to read the intended message :-(
If the powers that be really don't like it, it must be good ;-)

LNFAW said...