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Friday, February 11, 2011

A throw-back...

LOL, scrolling through my drafts, found this entry that never made the cut.  It's from about 3 years ago....!

Thank God for Labor Day! I am exhillirated, especially after Easter came in March and we had the whole April with no break, man, this is cool. What am I doing today? top of my list, I'm going to the Sunshine Boutique AKA Bend Down Boutique AKA Flea Market (where the fleas at?) AKA Kaunjika ONLY IN AFRICA BABY!!! I'm looking for some basketball shorts, not just for training, but I think they just inflate my ego, remind me of yester year....don't know if I can chance a basketball jersey, need to work on my tri-ceps, you know with all the good nsima it's kinda hard to keep them in check.

so to you all holiday/labor day celebrants, don't spend your hard-earned Kwacha drinking today..Carlsberg is already rich!  Meet me at the Sunshine Boutique. One Love!

-----p.s.  remember the scary rope bridge on your way to the bend down boutique, and you had to pay 5 Kwacha to walk on the flimsy thing, mmmha ha ha h!  wonder if it's still there as was!!!

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