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Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Royal Wedding- from an African development point of view Part 1 1/2

Disclaimer: this is a subjective opinion and not a political statement

....So, here I was, an African, theology and development adult student, not the young Commonwealth child/teen. What did I think? Let’s make believe that I have four arms. OK? Here goes:

on one hand, as a woman, I was mighty impressed by THE DRESS, I was impressed by how the bride and groom turned out (…they are my age by the way, so that was a touching experience), I was impressed by the formalities, by THE DRESS, the simplicity yet sophistication, the homily and of course, THE DRESS!

On the other hand, as an African theology and development student, I was not impressed by the opulence that went into the whole thing. I read a few months ago a comment on a website (a habit I have since toned down on); a guy wrote with great zeal: ‘why do we think there is only one pie the world is eating from, there are many pies, the American pie, the European pie, the Asian pie….let the rich get richer…after all, it doesn’t have to affect the poor’. Hmm, bless the man but his mom should have told him to read a bit before commenting into the expanse of the media…I bet he was busy swinging from trees in his childhood :-p.

As I watched the royal wedding I kept thinking that this IS a grand display of wealth accumulated over years and years of dominion. There was nothing innocent about the opulence to me and there was nothing glorious about it all taking place in a cathedral, I wondered what the Apostle Paul would have thought about all this. And frankly, it doesn’t help that with my Commonwealth citizenship and the grand expense of attending some fine Cambridge syllabus schools in addition to BOLESWA and Malawi syllabi schools: I still have to take an expensive English proficiency exam this weekend! Truth be told, I’m filled with trepidation about that exam…I don’t have my ‘hang, hung, sang, sung, ran, run’s’ in order!!

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