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Saturday, September 17, 2011

My own space

Having had the honour of living for some periods in Manzini, Boise, Bremerton, Camden, Pietermaritzburg, Silverdale, and now just recently moved to a new city far and away from comfy Zomba + Lilongwe, I find that the world continues to be fascinating.  Places are so different yet the same.  People go to sleep and people wake up.  Everywhere. They go shopping.  Everywhere. ...and they speak loudly (or softly) on cell phones.  Everywhere...girls are sometimes mean to one another. Everywhere...and folks invariably use gmail, hotmail, get the picture.  Yet gaps between wealth and poverty persist in showing us differences as do technology gaps, ignorance, prejudice, pride, trade..... assured though, even though I´m here Iĺl keep to my ethos of giving commentary of the Malawian experience as I subjectively perceive it.  Fear not, I am not nor will I ever be the ´wanna-be expatriate-missionary-tourist blogo- DIARIST!!!!!

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