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Sunday, October 9, 2011


Hebrew men of old lay memorial stones
Hebrew men of old said hello and goodbye often
yet many stones they laid
good memories marking the surpassing of bad ones....

....Hansel and Gretel dropped stones
they had said goodbye to their home and hoped to say hello again
and the witch to whose home a visit they paid
a way back they hoped they would find...
and live to tell.

People around my home liked stones
to cook upon, to fence in the flower patch, to hold the door open
to keep feet clean, to chase the dogs with...

As we lay down this dream on this stone of the unknown

may the memorial stones continue to be laid
lest we forget how we got here
may we remember where we laid the trail of stones
so that we may always find our way back to home
may we always know which stones are good for cooking, for cleaning, for fencing in the flower patch, to clean our feet and to chase the dogs of life away

So this dream is laid down for the moment
will they laugh
as we cry
will a new one come
better than the last
we pray this is a Hebrew memorial stone
that marks hope and grace
and not death and the beginning of waste

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