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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Amazing Race in Malawi, Being in the Netherlands and why I don't Find it Amusing that Gaddafi was Slain

Yes, I did use the word 'slain' but let's start on a lighter note. I watched the The Amazing Race episode 6 of Season 19.  Guess where the teams were?  Malawi!! Granted the whole thing was touristy but hey, it's always nice to know one more person out there finally understands that Malawians like me to fight off lions on our way to the market!  Ah, it was nice to see the singing and dancing, it takes a lot of courage not to have everything in the world but still have joy and be hospitable to visitors.  I'm proud of The Amazing Race for trying this, I can't wait for the lake Malawi episode next week.

Now about being here in the Netherlands, boss man has asked me to blog now and then my take on my experiences here. it will be a challenge on two fronts.  Firstly, last time i was here I bragged that i was a lucky charm and the Dutch would win the world cup just because I was here. How dare I be so egotistical, challenging the wondrous predictions of the dear octopus next door? So ja, my embarrassment froze my writing hand....tsk tsk.  The second thing is that writing about my experiences here will inevitably lead to writing about the people that live here.  I always hesitate to write about the people of countries I live in because the purpose of this blog is to focus my attention on Malawi, I think I am most qualified to write about no other people than my fellow Malawians.  That pretty much says it all. but will see how it goes.... 

And about Gaddafi, the late Brother Leader I am not amused at the joy surrounding his slaying.  We all knew the guy in one way or other, he visited our countries, he led our continental Union, he spoke to the UN assembly, his son played soccer games we watched, hbuilt hospitals for us, we joked about his all-female bodyguard detail etc.  Why now should an internal rebellion not have called for immediate peaceful interventions and a court case for him for the civilians killed when he had retaliated in February?  But no, thousands have died, infrastructure has been damaged, himself killed brutally and clips of high-ranking officials laughing about it have emerged (a la Caeser's 'veni, vidi, vici).  There is a new government now but I'm hesitant to imagine myself going over there to visit after all this....still scratching my head.