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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm not a weapon of mass destruction

Long time no see, that must mean something good...that I'm busy again and back in the swing of things.  And I write again from a healthier mind, not rushing from one task to another!  This is good because now I can handle well the delicate discovery I made a few seconds ago, that according to a certain Mrs. Fern,  living in the same house with folks from my Stan can wipe out a whole race from another continent.

Apparently, the memo was not passed on to my Greek and Taiwanese housemates, oh well!

I think I would feel like the girl above if I ever met that Mrs. Fern ever again! (pic sourced from the web).

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Folkert activist , Fries, metalhead etc. om útens said...

You can do that? teach me! teach me! that sounds just áwesome.