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Monday, February 6, 2012

A lesson learned

Writing from the deep side of tired! After 7 hours of learning important things, two hours of planned socialising, two hours of important phone/skype calls and the rest doing usual every day things like catching up with news (strange that as a teen I always loathed the news!) I am completely fatigued!

It was an interesting weekend, one in which my fascinations on race, development and theology intertwined.  I learned that people believe very strong things about these issues. Some time ago I believed or tolerated some of the things I heard over the weekend.

I don't anymore and it's a lonely island when you find that fewer and fewer people see things the way you do.  I am grateful though for those that I can discuss these issues with without anyone of us drawing a sword.  But I am more grateful that I only think differently now because people were tolerant of me when I thought I knew it all.  I remember Andy handing me a stack of books on these issues and me, looking at the cover and synopsis and deciding I AM NOT READING it DON'T CONFUSE ME WITH THE FACTS!! God bless that Andy and others like him.  Shame on me though for missing out on a lot of good reading! I HAVE A LOT TO LEARN! :-)

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