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Friday, April 13, 2012

The road less travelled

With age one sees things. A twelve year old has seen enough of homework to show less excitement at the prospect of going to school than a six year old whose hard work is to paint,  colour-in and play.  I am not old but I have seen enough of life to see that things are born, they grow and they face wear and tear.

Too much wear and tear they die, average wear and tear and they change, sometimes for the good and sometimes for worse.

As I grow and observe patterns in myself that I detested in the adults around me as a child; I grow to accept that I am changing.  It is discouraging most times but I have to dig within myself and find the reason to push on.  There is still plenty I have not seen and plenty I have not learned to give up trying.  People think the religious are weak minded, I think not.  It takes courage to realise we carry burdens and even more courage to acknowledge that someone we do not see lightens those burdens for us. Praise Him.

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