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Saturday, April 21, 2012

The Road Less Travelled....Again

When we were children they showed us books of what it would be like...what it would be like when we were grown, what it would be like when we went abroad, what it would be like if we learned our sums and letters, what it would be like when we had money....and some of us believed it.

Until  we found out that most things are not in the books.  A book is usually an A5 size document, everything is captured to fit into it just so, there is not enough space to clutter in all of life´s realities so we are told the good stuff as children.  We grow, we still believe that only the good stuff should exist.  So we write our own books (or blogs) and edit out the clutter of our lives and so our lives go on.  But where do we leave the clutter?

In our heads, in our hearts and it pours out at every provocation.  Some through tears, like the Spanish girl yesterday...only a few questions about her ex-boyfriend and in tears she was.  I thought to myself ´I am not that soft, I can´t cry at the drop of a hat like her´.  True, but I have my own reactions as well, at the slightest provocation, the right provocation and a flood of emotion comes out.  Anger, bitterness, accusations, blame, fear....

Is it the person who is gifted at pushing my buttons? Or is it inevitable that they will push my buttons because they spend so much time with me in an environment where everybody else is a literal stranger?

I don´t know,  it is indeed the road less travelled.

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