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Monday, March 30, 2009

Too bad but not end of the road

Elephants 5-0 Flames, one worse than the Man U defeat. Still, you tried guys, effort noted. It's not the end of the road. I'd say, experience has been won here at least, useful for next time. Don't despair, even the Ivorians had a starting point, ours is now, the future is bright Flames. Malawi Woyee! Inenso woyee!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Malawi! Do us proud in Yamoussoukro!!

The long anticipated day is nearly here, Sunday March 29. My knees are shaking, my eyes are casting far and wide for the red, black and green scarf! Oh, Malawi, give your best in Yamasukro, whip them Ivorians bad like the way those red and white who claim "They'll never walk alone" beat the people's team.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thumbs up Nyasa Times for Taking responsibility on issues of Story credibility

I believe that in a democratic state the media has a responsibility to respect the state's prerogative in releasing sensitive details as were reported on on our Mose wa Lero this week. True or not (now that you have retracted this news item from your site), the media doesn't have to agree but respect the State's prerogative because such details have various implications across the board.

Then again there is a very fine line between a tabloid and a news house. Sensationalism serves the appetite of the few and exists to make money and more of it on the expense of the majority. I may not always agree with your viewpoints Nyasa Times but I have come to respect your presence online, bringing news to Malawians in the diaspora Paja a Malawi okonda dziko lawo amalimanga, yes, critically of course koma with responsibilities

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh dear

4-2 loss to Liverpool and now 2-0 loss to Fulham. Ah, we'll pull through, we'll make it Manchester United! Let's go! Now Sir Alex, maybe it's the gum that's killing it....ever considered that? They say it works the nerves bad and maybe the nerves heighten the level of red cards...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's not over until it's over

We're still at the top. No matter what. Remember, we're still at the top of the Premier League with a clean 4 point read. Do you copy?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Manchester United 2-1 Inter Milan

Now that's what I call a game. Vidic and Christiano Ronaldo scored goals that were genuine, I have a problem with penalties so when it's goals like these I'm rest assured they were very well deserved. The road to the supermarket passes near some vendors selling Club Jerseys, one day I'll be just so persuaded as to buy one for myself, what am I doing without a Club Jersey anyway? Now if only Sir Ferguson would stop chewing that gum.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

From whence have you come Liverpool?

It's no secret, I'm partial to the English premier league in world football. My team of choice is Manchester United. Man U. are the best, always have been, always will be, period. Now this Liverpool club, where do they get the nerve to embarrass Real Madrid so? Don't they know Real is (or was) the home of "Galacticos"? 4-0...? Real Madrid, what happened to you?

Now as for tonight's game between Man U. and Morinho's boys whichever Milan they are, i don't care, AC? Inter? Who cares, I anticipate a show-down tonight, Morinho, start shaking in 1..2..3...NOW.


Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Police to look into Tsvangirai's accident

It's never good to be a rumuor monger or to speculate. Let the police do their work. If you missed it, here is the news article according to The Guardian (UK)

Morgan Tsvangirai is expected to return to Zimbabwe today after undergoing medical tests in neighbouring Botswana following the car accident on Friday that killed his wife, Susan.

The prime minister, who was flown to Botswana on Saturday, was recovering physically but remained in a state of "enormous shock" after being told of his wife's death, said a spokesman for his party, the Movement for Democratic Change.

Condolences flooded in from MDC supporters and governments all over the world. The finance minister, Tendai Biti, said Mrs Tsvangirai, who had been married to the MDC leader for 31 years and was the mother of his six children, would be "irreplaceable".

The deputy prime minister, Thokozani Khuphe, is expected to handle day-to-day affairs until at least Wednesday when Mrs Tsvangirai will be buried in the couple's home town, Buhera.

She was fatally injured when the Toyota Land Cruiser the couple were travelling in overturned after it left the road about 50 miles south of Harare on Friday afternoon. The couple were on their way to a weekend rally in Buhera. Tsvangirai, who will be 57 tomorrow, had given his maiden speech in parliament two days earlier.

The speech outlined an ambitious programme of reconstruction for Zimbabwe, and the prime minister called for an end to the culture of "impunity and entitlement" among groups that wished his unity government to fail.

Yesterday, Biti stressed the government would continue its work. "This is a body blow to the party but in our history we have suffered many of them. We have learnt to take blows on the chin and move forward. We shall do that again. It is certainly what the prime minister wants."

Amid speculation that the car accident was an attempt on Tsvangirai's life, the MDC said it would carry out its own investigation in parallel with that of the police. Previously, there have been up to four attempts on Tsvangirai's life in the MDC's 10-year history.

Mr and Mrs Tsvangirai, as well as the prime minister's head of security, Benson Okolo, were in the middle car of a three-vehicle convoy when the crash happened on a two-way tar road about 20 miles south of Beatrice. Tsvangirai's driver, known as Simba, remains in hospital in Harare. Okolo was not seriously injured.

It is understood an oncoming single-cab lorry belonging to the John Snow International medical charity may have swerved into the path of the Land Cruiser, which may have taken abortive action or been shunted by the lorry.

Cattle farmer Deon Theron, who rushed to the scene on Friday afternoon, said the lorry may have swerved to avoid a "really bad, long bump" in the road. Theron said: "I climbed on top of the vehicle to examine its underside. Everything looked normal ... I checked the brake pipes and steering, and they were all fine."

Monday, March 9, 2009

Morgan Tsvangirai, His late wife, and Oprah sharing her magazine cover

The human mind never ceases to amaze. The brass scale in my brain is very poor at weighing what matters as news or what really, well, forget it. While I'm still trying to process the fact that Morgan Tsvangirai (forgive me if I'm mispelling this, we Malawians use just as many consonants in a word, let this fly), where was I? Yes, I'm still processing the fact that Morgan Tsvangirai is in a Botswana hospital after his vehicle collided with a semi (or was it a smaller truck?) and that his wife Susan's burial is on Wednesday, by the way, I just have this hunch that a road that flat could not have resulted in such a grave accident?

Hmm, what do I know? where does naivette end and unwarranted suspicion of Uncle begin? I don't know. Only God knows exactly what happened there and as He wills, we'll find out in time.

As I'm processing, I get hit with the news that for the first time in 9 years, Oprah is sharing her magazine cover for the first time. And the person picked for the job, none other than Mayi wa Malia, u didn't get that? OK, let's try, Mkazi wa Barack. Got it? good. N-e-way, I got to thinking, what does that have to do with anything? Not to hate on Oprah and definately not to hate on Michelle either but why should a magazine cover make the news, hmmm, on second thought, was that actually on the news? Hmmm...I'm losing my mind

pic: AFP

Friday, March 6, 2009

Slumdog Millionaire

So the Buckaroo watched Slumdog Millionaire and agrees that the movie is worth the hype. Something closer to home that struck me this morning, there are more "Slumdogs" than we realize. Meaning the sytem of injustice is so intricate that folks from poorer backgrounds no matter how honest and hardworking they are, someone will still want to oppress them. Trying to block their progress in life for no apparent reason.

I heard a frightening story this morning of an illegal immigrant in some country on this continent. He works illegally and his boss, coincidentally originally from the country the movie in question was made beat him to a pulp with a sjambok yesterday for not showing up for work. He can't report this to the police, it seems, because as soon as he does so he risks deportation. He's been in the particular country for years but constantly fears beatings, irregular pay etc. It used to be Blacks complained about Whites mistreating them, now it's our fellow dark-skinned folks from Asia. It's a pity.....

pix The Huffington Post online

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Someone Have MERCY!! PLEASE

These shorts are a nightmare. Why are they allowed to exist? With all these new high quality and proper length running shorts in existence why oh! why are people running around in THESE of all shorts? It's amazing to me and my jaw drops every time I see a (male) jogger/runner about in these.

Oh boy, I can not say enough but please throw them away, now! now! now! and let a ban be imposed. This is ludicrous!