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Saturday, May 30, 2009

Malawi, One Love

One Love Malawi

pic: my prof's kid from back in the day, oops! snatched it off of Facebook. Don't sue me!!! Looking like you did a good job Widz hope u told them the truth about Mother Malawi.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Malawi Elections

Congratulations to President Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. It was simply Elections, then election results, then inauguration. Straight to the point and crime/hassle-free. Aint that nice? Praise the Lord let's continue to pray earnestly for our nation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vote Wisely

Vote Wisely my beloved fellow Malawians. This is the big day, comes once every five years. Remember, your vote is your voice.


pic: Nyasa Times

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mind recalibration

It was a good distraction meet up for lunch with two older women that are not trying to change the world; on their own. Exactly what the doctor ordered. My mind has been running wild with: "What to do?" "What to do?" "The world is going to the dogs" "What to do."

There is hope, why, OUR REDEEMER LIVES

The world can be heart at a time. Starting with mine.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Dead Aid' & African Development

A friend of mine wrote this response on the discussion Dambisa Moyo has brought to the table: Here are the youtube links in case you haven't caught on:

Here is the response....

'Aaaah I am so glad there is no controversy there! that is a very good sign. Even Dambisa herself says that most of the people who vehemently oppose her views are not Africans. Already my vision of the 'globe' is being shaped by my current location. Yikes!!! In my class at the Institute, they are avoiding to discuss this book like crazy. Most of development practitioners, and the so called diplomats, heavily depend on the perpetuation of the Aid model to keep their jobs. The international development sector is a booming industry for hundreds of thousands of a[Western} 'development experts so they call themselves' who have made sure they the western countries, IMF and the World Bank continue to give loans and aid to Africa so they ensure that they Africa remains dependent and they continue to trot all over Africa like they own it. Our own political leaders mean nothing to them, because practically the donors are the bosses. Their campaign for democracy in Africa is at best an oxymoron.

It's so funny how Dambisa says, if Bono is the face of Africa then why do we even bother to vote for our leaders? Would Americans allow a foreign celebrity to represent them to the world? What's Obama paid to do? They may have the best intentions, but not the right actions. They should never replace our leadership. Our elected leaders are bullied around and not held responsible for provision of basic governance because their power is polarized by the alternative hand - the Aid hand. Aid feeds corruption (the tidye nawo za azungu mentality). AID is a cancer to Africa. but please note that this refers mainly to development aid, and not necessarily humanitarian aid (which is also ridden with issues in itself). those of you who have not heard her, please try to do so soon. Her book, 'Dead Aid' is a must have.'

I hope you all have a great weekend. I encourage you to share your opinions so we have a balanced perspective in this matter.'

Hallelujah, thanks bud! let's keep our eyes open and not blinded.....

pic: photobucket

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet Fanta Diallo

The story is told that Alpha Blondy (born Seydou Kone in 1953, Cote d'Ivoire) composed the song "sweet Fanta Diallo" to thank the mysterious nurse who had attended faithfully to his mental health needs as a psychiatric patient in an Ivorian hospital.

Well after he was well again, he returned to the hospital to thank Fanta Diallo. No one knew of her or even remembered a nurse named Fanta Diallo as ever having worked there. He left and believing she might have been an angel set about composing the song to thank her anyway. I have had my own Fanta Diallos, many I can't remember; and for those whose composition is not etherial; in case you ever come across this blog, thank you one and all! Here are some my brain can recall:

1. I was a crawling baby when I had wandered on all fours outside of our yard. All my mother remembers from the incident is a very irate man bringing me home. He had found me teetering on a bridge unknowingly facing, as it were, death, a short distance from our home, guessing where i lived he brought me home and gave my mother a piece of his mind for letting me out of her sight.

2. Desmond Bailey, no celestial being, when I had lost all my swimming composure in Sodwana and you swam out to rescue me. I hear you have twins, perhaps more children now, it's been at least 14 years. Thank you

3. The White dude at Barnes and Noble Silverdale. Backing up my bosses Dodge Intrepid very poorly, I stuck the front wheel in the wheel hood of the next car on the parking lot. You brought out packs of iced water and sorted it all out without a scratch to either car. I'm sure the owner of that car has NO IDEA.

4. The Zimbabwean-born White dude who carried my heavy bags at JFK, he came from nowhere, carried them, chatted and with a goodbye he was gone...and for those of you who've been there, JFK is no joke.

5. Leah Freeman-Miller, it's been 17 years, no joke.

6. Pastor Koloko, Amen!! It's been what, 12 years since those words? I remember them like yesterday.

5. Finally all the earth angels, not limited to, God knows, those of you who answer to the name of Soko, Chipeta, Gondwe, Luhanga, Jere, Jones, de Wolf, Anderssen, Combs, Joseph, Chinchen, Brown, Mtali, Maseko, Chingagwe, Quandt, M'baya, Munthali, Banda, Kambale, Msusa, McHugh, VanSkiver, Young, Chisala, Taumbe, Khonje, Morel, McMillan, Mpasu, Mulungo, Steven, Miti, Mitchell, Groening, Phiri, de Leo, Magambi, Chirwa, Khombe, Khomba, Nsanja, Lungu, Agbermodji, Kaiya, Malange, Kasirye, Juma, Musopole, Chiseko, Owor, Matewere, Hawkins, Main, Mtika, Jomba, Malewezi,Dwiggins, Mann, Votroubek, Ries, Richards, Clark, Schertzer, Aldridge, Henry, Tsabedze, Lourens, Bengo, Habib, Kashyap, Osman, Irshad, Safik, Irfan, Chingota, Sabwelera, Nyirenda, Thom, Waz, Vasquez, etc., etc.,, it is true, I AM because WE ARE. May God meet you according to your needs and beyond and may He receive eternal glory. I am amazed that there are so many more names I haven't put down, I understand today the folly of pride, I wouldn't be where I am if God had not used you to bless me in all the ways that you did and continue to. WOW. And yes, folks at my former and present school and my former and present places of work, Hallelujah for you!

Here is the song;

'Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

FANTA walking on the rainbow now!
FANTA shivering in moon light waves
FANTA hogging on the mountain top
FANTA kissing me on the burning rock

Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

One day, one day Fanta flee away
with the sun
one day, one day, Fanta ,melt away
under the sun
one day, Fanta flee away
with the sun
over and over I guess
she melt away under the sun
again and again
I keep on wondering
where she's gone
the last time I saw her,
psychiatric hospital
Now I know that I did you wrong
Yes I love you rainbow
And I love you rainbow ray
please help me rainbow
you got to lead me rainbow'

lyrix:; Alpha Blondy birth and age:; angel -

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Free Ad, One Love

Our Flag. Where you find 'em, buy 'em. and buy one for me too. er, preferrably the one in black.

Friday, May 8, 2009

More Malawi Talent: MajBeatz.

Okay, I stil contend I'm not biased towards male Mdubs achievers. kungoti you girls are keeping your stats locked down. Anywho, I've heard of MajBeatz before but reading about him today in the Daily Times makes me realise the guy means business.Makes me a little jealous of his focus, drive and ambition, I'll admit, we's almost age-mates... the dude owns his own stuff, runs his own stuff....eish....Malawi/Columbus Ohio Yeeahurpp!!

'His rĂ©sume tells a bigger story ... “I am a producer, song writer, engineer, mentor, music consultant, artist developer, graphic designer and a musician” says the managing director of Maj Beatz Production which he founded in June 1999.' -Daily Times Malawi-

check out:, he's got some of his music productions on there.

pix: majbeatz sites

Remember: DON'T HATE, APPRECIATE! yoh...
next up on the Mdubs talent roster; either Kimba Mutanda or... nah that's a dude. I'ma go ahead and do an expose on fresh FEMALE talent,hold your breath.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Q" man strikes again; Qabaniso Malewezi at MADSOC

Tomorrow at MADSOC, 7:30 PM

'Qabaniso Malewezi, better known as ‘Q’, was born on 7th September 1979 in Lilongwe, Malawi. Passionate about performing arts, he was accepted into the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) whose patron is Sir Paul McCartney. Q’s acceptance into the institute was a historical mark because he was the first African to ever be accepted. After LIPA he went on to the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). Although most of his training has been in music, Q has always been a poet and a writer at heart. His vivid writing style is full of life, vibrancy, rhythm and imagination as echoed in his self described ‘I will not tell you, I will show you’ approach to writing. As a performer, Q has the ability to capture and relate to any audience invoking a range of emotions through his heartfelt performances laced with slight doses of humorous undertones.' -MADSOC-

Support this talented Malawian by showing up folks! And, ahem Q, congrats on the events of last week...malumes eti"

End note: Manchester United 3, Gunners 1. happily we (and this is a Buckaroo speaking who has never even been to Manchester!)have disposed of the Gunners. Man U woyee!!! Ferguson woyee!!! Inenso woyeee!!!! Ah, in this area of football I'm happily colonised. You do realise this statement is tongue-in-cheek? Don't quote me-O in some funny stats, hawu, banange and some would neh? Nuff respect PARK Ji-Sung, FEAR the EAAASTTTT!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Always been shy of the Book of Habbakuk and all for the petty reason that the name of the author is unfamiliar. Early memories take me back to '88 when my aunt and uncle debated animatedly what they were going to name their first born (alas, they waited until he was born to have this debate!!). After trying out different names.. and they were determined to give my cousin a Biblical name; ... and not finding one they liked, I overhead my weary aunt's query, "What then, HABBAKUK?"

Thankfully the mite was named Daniel. A portion of scripture has been making a ruckus in my life of late on this earthly journey and thanks to technology, (thank You Jesus :-) I found it on a friend's FaceBook profile. I didn't know it was in Habbakuk but hey, thank God for Habbakuk, what a verse; where there is no vision, people perish. Thank you Lord for the blessing of vision given by You!:

Habbakuk 2:3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay"

pic: Pilgrim, John Bunyan