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Friday, March 26, 2010

Do dis, do dat

I feel so unaccomplished for failing my lent commitment. I went under two days into Lent. Alas, here's hope for next Lent. Shaa..........

Racists near and near

I used to worry about the opinions of racists nearby but realised that they have something I don't: hate, fear and an oversize lack of acknowledgment of their own limits; with no hope of a solution.

Here's a theory: suppose they got their own planet, they'd still spend money importing cheap labour from planet earth and guess what colour that labour would be. and then sit around talking about, 'I just hate these...perhaps we should bring in guns just in case they...'

Eish, I'd rather have me and not share in their self-created burdens, it's hard-work for them putting others down so that they can feel better, I'm sorry for the self-induced pain that their 'hard-work' brings.

Russell Peters and his jokes on Africa

I debated whether this topic necessitates an entry or not. Apparently it does. However, since I give a prejudiced take on this, let it be known that I only make this opinion after only one viewing of Russell Peters and random googling afterwards (and googling biased to my own opinion. So perhaps only a few words would suffice:

I'd say there are bits of Russell Simmon's repertoire or whatever it is called that are funny. However, I was at first pretty annoyed that all this guy seems to know about Africa and it's peoples (outside of South Africa) is clicks (which themselves are funny enough, agh, never mind, I'll give it away); spear-wielding people speaking gibberish and endowment factors of the male populations. It's actually quite distracting the ignorance I forgot to laugh but then I should be comforted enough, thanks to James Scott that our transcript remains as it should be for now, so obscure that it's still funny for people like him to highlight antiquated knowledge about African people. Good for you, come to think of it.

Remain there where you should be. It's a wonderful comfort zone and the perks are good. Here's a pillow, oops I'm not supposed to know what a pillow is, sorry. He's a spear and shield, click click. Do you want a Kuber with that? Maybe not.

I was about to comment identity crisis issues (what with that name and nationality) but eh, I've used up my English vocab quota for the decade. Click, gibberish gibberish, click, !click, gibber jabber, click, click, gibberish gibberish, click, !click, gibber jabber, click, click, !xi, !xa, !gibber, !jabber etc, etc.

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

A Childhood Game called Monday

That had to be the best game ever invented, it was a game all new students were taught soon after signing up at ZPPS. I wonder if anyone plays it there or anywhere else. I heard kids were banned from playing it after a major accident but come on, they see worse on the rugby fields. Here is how it goes:

1. Students locate the widest flight of stairs which has at least 8 steps

2. One student, the Caller, is nominated and s/he stands at the foot of the stairs facing the rest of the players

3. The players (minimum 2, maximum 8+)stand in a neat lengthways single file row on the 8th step

4. The 7 steps in front of the players are Monday, Tuesday etc. in that order

5.The objective is to get players to jump to the step that corresponds with the day called out: i.e. MONDAY = players jump to step 1; THURSDAY = players skip to step 4. The Caller will call out forward days or backward days so you can expect to skip multiple steps both downwards and upwards.
If you have short legs or carry a few extra pounds, this is not the game for you. you fall, you're out. You land on the wrong day, you're out. You slip overmuch, you're out!

Elementary gymnastics seems like. Ah, that game of Monday.

pic: 100awesomethings

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Pocket Sunshine

If you are like me and you tend to be forever entangled with dominant personalities and your facebook home page is saturated with LOUD dialogues that rub you the wrong way: here are two things you can do
1. Smile, it's free. other people's opinions are just that, their own. do what you can to make a difference.
2. there is a block option on facebook, tee hee heee

Are we part of the debate

Let's watch out if we think we know how to speak Africans. Does what we say matter? that is the question, or have conclusions been made on our behalf on the various topics that concern us.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

China Pro-Malawi, a friend indeed at last?

Interesting observations about latent American interest in our infrastructure after years of focusing on, ahem, never mind: Read on, is it time for the East? Interesting thoughts below (source Nyasatimes Readers' comments, 03/03/2010)

= Half Pint says:
March 3, 2010 at 8:09 am

Yes, I think the americans are afraid of the Chinese, who are coming in full force and investing in infrastructure.
I have always questioned the funny projects funded by the Americans. They are busy giving us condoms and contraceptives as if that will translate into ecomonic growth. Do they want us to be busy with our women instead of engaging in productive activities? Give us a break America, the chinese are giving us infrastructure, ngakhalebe amazunza ma workers awo(even though they have labour law problems).

 Malawi One says:
March 2, 2010 at 8:08 pm

America is afraid of chinese influence in africa, now they have realised its time to pump in billions to help to build infrastructure in africa. Chinese money can be seen with ordinary malawians in malawi in a space of less than 2 years.
Adyereni amaenowo, its leverage they want. Please give more contracts to chinese firms, analikuti nthawi yonseyi ma americans.

Malawi and Africa needs Infrastructure Not Aid ya zakudya. The americans knew that all along, koma they dont want us to develop. Now China Has come in with Infrastructure money not Aid ya zakudya and stupid projects. And chinese money they dont ask for Human rights, good governance issues… The west only ask for those issues in Africa kusiya maiko ena (and not from other countries outside Africa they lend to or give aid). (for) example, ku middle east.

Just yesterday Britain trimmed aid by 3m pounds, reason presidential jet amafuna azienda pans (do they want our president to walk on foot)? ku africa transport ndi yovuta after all we had a jet before for over 40 yrs.
The reason britain trimmed aid is “Recession, They Have No Money look at their Debt… £178 billion and adding close to 50% of their GDP”
zanu izo