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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Need help on the basketball site

My basketball site has been sitting idle for too long, need help with pics, articles, ideas and poll ideas so please visit and let's show love to the game of basket in Malawi.

Monday, November 8, 2010

You Es Ade: From the X People

A tattoo on my door, on my wall, on my note book
I overhead my teacher is paid by you too. Does that mean you own me?

I know I should be grateful Mama says a nice boy says ‘thank you’
She doesn’t know, I’m thankful but it helps not to be tattoed on my every piece of skin
I’m over-whelmed, last year they told us we’d eat free porridge at school
 I was so excited and then, I saw it again, your tattoo on the mealie sacks!

Papa says I should work hard in school
So that maybe you will employ me
I will drive a car with your tattoo on its side
He thinks that is so cool
You’ll brand me for life
My desk, my file, my car
You Es Ade: From the X people

I’ll have to make sure I hear them say,
not to forget
The biggest letters on all my tattoos
I receive from you
Should always be YOU ES ADE: From the X people

I shouldn’t forget
No I will not.
No one else matters
No one else helps me
All is nothing It is all you,
You Es Ade: From the X people

Thank you You es Ade I’ll make you proud
when I come to your door
You won’t turn me away like the others will you?
I’ve come to love your flag
After all I am yours,
Forever tattooed,
You Es Ed: From the X people

Friday, November 5, 2010

The Malawi Bloat

Dont' judge me but by mere circumstance I'm watching Deuce Bigalow...(ewww) but yes, the actor (Rob Schneider) just mentioned the 'Malawi Bloat' (wonder if he knows how it go so named). Anyway, I never heard of it below and looked it up, and posted the link here.  Pepani nsomba.