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Monday, August 31, 2009

Oil in Malawi

Seriously, I never knew this. I'm debating whether it's not my fault that i didn't know because I've been constantly reminded by those in the know how devoid of important minerals my country is or; it could actually be my fault, after all it has been said that my stan doesn't read enough. Eh, nje! They say the best way to keep information from my stan is to put it in books. Anywho, STAN HERE IS THE LOW-DOWN. Don't thank me if it's true information, I only happened to chance upon it thank GOD.

"Malawi - British Central Africa protectorate between 1883 and 1907, just about the time Oil was discovered there (the first oil found in the world)

So we spent 14 years in this country removing the wealth of this nation at the end of a bayonett - which is part of the reason you live in a wealthy nation today - and how do we treat the unfortunate descendants of a country we decided to mess up?

Another point that people will miss about immigration is a simple one - ask yourself why is capital (i.e. wealth) allowed to move across borders without any hinderance, but the labour that needs to follow it is restricted?

That's exactly why Britain is (and will always be) a popular destination for immigrants. We took the wewalth from their country during colonial times and they are simply trying to follow it.

If anyone thinks immigration controls are fair after digesting this point then I would be interested to know how you justify it.

If I came to your house tonight and emptied it of all your posessions leaving you with nothing, surely you would try everything to get into my house tomorrow night to either take it all back (and if you failed that becaue my military might is greater than yours) or to at least try to hide in my cupboard so you can watch your own TV!

Just because your MP is a hypocrite - doesn't mean you have to be one too."

pic: humanrace.wordpress

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caster Semenya and her running shoes

Being fast requires a number of things. Heck! when I was little and played soccer i used to dream of being muscular like the soccer stars in the comic books. Why? I knew that way I could do everything faster, the dribbling, the scoring, you know. now here is Caster, she probably had the same motivations, to run faster you have to gym I suppose. I've been silently cringing at the sight of joggers eduzane; why, their body mass is wasting away because all they do is run, no further exercise, the poor things look like skeletons.

Anyway, Caster seems to have done what I didn't. i became an indoor-sy person and she became a running machine, the formula (gyming) seems to have worked (hush all you suggesting all kinds of other things, far be-it that the 18 year old cheated....:-(

Now, whether it's a medical condition as some have termed it, I do not know; or whether it is an unhealthy body altering non-reversible experiment....i surely hope not, AH Weh Mah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

US Health-Care needs more 'care' for the Poor

My early education taught me that communism is a sin, socialism an error, and capitalism the absolute and righteous way. After all, I was the underling of capitalism, and Calvinism; doing my best to learn how to ‘pull myself up by the bootstraps’; an African in a dog eat dog globalised world where the quality of bootstraps you pull is determined by Bretton-Woods; so watch out they might be too thin or worn and just might snap so what do you pull then? But ofcourse, there is much to learn from communism and marxism just like there is some we can learn from capitalism. For my fellow Christians, none of these 'isms' dropped out of heaven, they were just plain man-made (pardon my sexist language...)to meet man's needs, depending on what needs had to be met at the time.

Anyway, living in America for a spell shook me out of my system, one thing I was so scared of was getting sick, I had health insurance but still, what if? What a beautiful land when you have money, social security and insurance. What a frightful land when you can tell by people’s teeth who can’t afford basic dental care, by the plethora of tv shows that glamorize the medical field. I remember thinking to myself in those early days, ‘I’m told Africa is poor (there goes the monolithic view of Africa) but this is a different kind of poverty, at least back home I could walk into a hospital at the drop of a hat and have the option of ponying up some money if need be!’ Interestingly, public hospitals in Malawi offer better expertise than private clinics and hospitals. Of course there doctor-patient ratio is too high, and there is this and that problem, but the basics are there, for everyone.

On to the topic at hand; reading Obama’s ‘Dreams from my Father’; it was refreshing to read the conversation he had with a British medical doctor working in Malawi at the time. This doctor talked about the challenges doctors faced in public hospitals where they had to rely on basic necessities. But that’s precisely the point; at least there were basic necessities. A guarantee that someone will attend to you when you need medical/dental help and not ask for proof of your medical insurance first. A guarantee that you won’t have to wait for your sitch to be an emergency before someone helps you at the hospital. Where nurses don’t have to wear colorful uniforms; they just attend to your child’s mumps just because they are committed to that. It seems now that basic necessities are too much to ask for in the proposed health plan.

Here is a question to the big shots behind the medical machinery in this globalised world and to my fellow Christians that believe any solution proposed not borne out of capitalism is total depravity: On which side of the fence does the Hippocratic Oath most fit?

Hippocratic Oath (from Original Greek)

…………….according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

……………..will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption……………………….

So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.

Translated by Michael North, National Library of Medicine, 2002

pic: (the greed of capitalism)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hillary Who? China and the US...the game continues...

If it aint one thing, it's another. The Buckaroo continues to express discontent over the mass evacuation of African babies in the name of a fashion statement rather than genuine compassion. How do I know it's not genuine compassion? Simple answer, a genuinely compassionate person is genuinely interested in African people and has time to problem-pose and not problem-solve.... anyway I'm getting off-track here, today's bee in my bonnet is someone called Hillary. I can't decide which last name suits her more, as she hyphenates to us a choice between maiden name and last name, I'll just go on and say Hillary Who.

The woman has managed to clearly show to me that Democrats are certainly no different from that other camp. The big-time hunting game for raw material continues, this time the venue has changed. Th game is now to be played in good ol' Africa. Same rules: Democracy is the trump card! Going around Africa in the guise of reinforcing the goodness of democracy, my left foot! Rather, this around Africa trip, from where I am standing is an attempt to antagonise the Chinese. The Chinese were the early birds this time so this game will be complex, yet again. Think about it. What's democratic about the DRC, perhaps the diamonds, gold...and Nigeria and Angola....hmmm...I DID hear their oil is so democratic it was resisting the Heh! Heh!...erm South Africa and Liberia, we'll let our minds wander on why the interest....

For interest's sake; here are 2 questions: Define to me clearly the meaning of Democracy and answer the following:

a) By what standards are the countries Hillary is/has visited democratic?
b) How and when did America get the right to award/give recognition to 'proper democracy'in other countries?
I can't help myself , a 3rd question needs to be asked:
c)Who gets to award/define democracy for America?
....and the last question I need to ask: What is the meaning of HYPOCRICY? (did I spell that right?, ahem....)

OK all I'm saying is that all you humble little African countries with no minerals to offer yet and no strong interactions with the Chinese: you can go ahead and enjoy your peace because it won't be too soon that a high profile Red White and Blue envoy dangles tariff-free trade in your faces. Democracy looks like oil, no, diamonds, no, I mean textiles no, I mean capitalism, yes capitalism ITS ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD -SING- ITS ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOOD, HEY HEY THE GREATER GOOOOD!!! Maybe democracy is freedom and human rights. Yes, I kind of forgot about that freedom and human rights bit, sigh...