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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Favourite Wife-Tony Parsons

Interesting reading, besides the insightful look at 'well-meaning' philandering I learned quite a bit about China. Yet again, as I said on the book focusing on 'The Boy who Harnessed the Wind', I'd like to see more indigenous people objectively tell their own story in English and on a powerful platform such as the world recognised book lists. Hmm, matter of fact, let me get to publishing a book on the UK

Monday, November 9, 2009

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Gabriel's Radio and Zanga's Bolivia

I made two mistakes in the past short while. I ignored important messages. Suleman sent an invitation to all on his Facebook list to join in the campaign in support of the young man, Gabriel, a high school drop-out in Mulanje who built and operates his own Pachikweza Radio Station using locally available technical equipment. Unlike William and his windmill, Gabriel's technological genius contravened the Communications Regulatory Body's broadcasting laws: he has no licence. Happily, with the mobilisation of citizens who care, it is all resolved now and Gabriel has support to reach further into his technological destiny. Thanks to mass mobilisation. But sadly, all this happened and i had never opened the facebook message until yesterday. I am off the band wagon, nie?

Second mistake, Zanga forwarded an excerpt of Ecuador and Bolivia's stance against neo-liberalism. An insight so inspiring and so necessary to emulate, ah, all this happened and I had never opened the forwarded email message until today.

pic. wikipedia

I look down in shame, as folks move for the justice and support of little man(sic) in his quest making a mark' and the little nations (sic), justice here, equality there...I am caught with my hands down with unopened emails of this importance shame on the Buckaroo.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Poverty and injustice

...And asking the rich or the relatively-rich why the poor are poor won't give one an answer either. Nor will asking the poor with an air of superiority: the so-called 'doctor-patient/teacher-student/missionary-pagan/debtor-indebted/donor-aid-recipient' mentality. Dialogue, equal dialogue, alas where art thou....

Dom Camara....First level violence (structural) second level (rebellion) ...

(watching Precious Kofi cry as she asks, how long will Africa's children be born into debt...and walking away with more questions.....hmmmm)so help us God indeed. one and all.

Thanks Qhawe for being on this road that seeks justice and opening my eyes to more.

Saturday, October 10, 2009

Setting the Record Straight

I have a lot of dear friends and family that are red, white and blue. I have a bee in my bonnet though, because of the policies that foster imperialistic ideals. So, let's not get it twisted. One love. Oh, and for my Stan, congratulations on the draw with Cote d'Ivoire. That's super. Flames woyee, inenso woyee!

Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Is it true that only 2 percent of Malawians have Electricity

Is the bee in my bonnet there because the boy who harnessed the wind had his own story written by someone from the country where people know everything? Or is it my my need to verify facts that bothers me? Either way, I hereby vow that if any story needs to be written about my own life, I have enough ink to write it on my own, with my own life experiences and be judged on my own condescending habits towards reality if there shall be any. 'A society which is unable to portray itself according to its own self understanding will inevitably suffer misinterpretation by others (Mugambi). I wonder why a blog and a book for my brother so bright, has to be written/taken over by someone else.

Really, is it about the funding? then Nyasa times is right in the title of one of it's news stories, 'Africa politically independent, Economically Colonised'. From this vantage point, indeed, many of us suppose it's wonderful when foreign influences do things on our behalf but it's like the giving someone fish for life story. Remember though, Ayise, ukazapanga zako, chonde uzafulumuke mkhwapa mwa munthu ameneyi and determine your own destiny. We are very proud of you and appreciate your brains, just make sure to remember kuti m'mene umayamba, it was your hard work, let your hard work sustain you. Ena they come and go koma iweyo have a vision for your own life. Your future is bright!

With all humility let us recognise that, 'Africans must think for themselves. Though they do not need to re-invent the wheel (social or industrial), they may yet invent new uses for it, or discover new ways of making it'- (like you have)

Tuesday, September 29, 2009


The picture above is tiny but represents well the flaws of the WTO. Watch Battle in Seattle for more (eh, i didn't even ask for their permission to quote them, my bad). Reflecting on the Africa/South America Summit held recently; and the addresses given by African leaders at the UN................especially the one given by the Brother Leader of the Jamahiriya, Colonel Muamar Gaddafi (did i get all that right? ehm...),
one can only wonder. How in the world do we translate these statements into a just reality?

pic: Zapiro. sourced from

Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Women let each other Down

It has been declared that prostitutes in my Stan can no longer be referred to as 'sex workers' as that has been deemed to be discriminatory. As from now, according to a statement made by a woman official, (wouldn't you know it?) they are to be referred to as "people who frequent public places". My question now is, when addressing child-prostitution that affects a lot of little girls and forced-prostitution cases; affecting a lot of poor women, shall we begin to say, "Police must investigate adults who are kidnapping children and forcing them into "frequenting public places", and let's rise up against, "child-frequenting-public-places crimes". Will that be taken with the seriousness that is called for?

I am inclined to believe some NGO is underlying this, I wonder, if it IS an NGO/s that came up with this, if they made such suggestions in their own country where they came from or where their funding came from. Let's think things through and investigate thoroughly because the consequences will affect us, long after the NGO/s and so-called activists are gone. Kodi zimenezi taziganizila bwino bwino with both sides of the coin considered?

Monday, August 31, 2009

Oil in Malawi

Seriously, I never knew this. I'm debating whether it's not my fault that i didn't know because I've been constantly reminded by those in the know how devoid of important minerals my country is or; it could actually be my fault, after all it has been said that my stan doesn't read enough. Eh, nje! They say the best way to keep information from my stan is to put it in books. Anywho, STAN HERE IS THE LOW-DOWN. Don't thank me if it's true information, I only happened to chance upon it thank GOD.

"Malawi - British Central Africa protectorate between 1883 and 1907, just about the time Oil was discovered there (the first oil found in the world)

So we spent 14 years in this country removing the wealth of this nation at the end of a bayonett - which is part of the reason you live in a wealthy nation today - and how do we treat the unfortunate descendants of a country we decided to mess up?

Another point that people will miss about immigration is a simple one - ask yourself why is capital (i.e. wealth) allowed to move across borders without any hinderance, but the labour that needs to follow it is restricted?

That's exactly why Britain is (and will always be) a popular destination for immigrants. We took the wewalth from their country during colonial times and they are simply trying to follow it.

If anyone thinks immigration controls are fair after digesting this point then I would be interested to know how you justify it.

If I came to your house tonight and emptied it of all your posessions leaving you with nothing, surely you would try everything to get into my house tomorrow night to either take it all back (and if you failed that becaue my military might is greater than yours) or to at least try to hide in my cupboard so you can watch your own TV!

Just because your MP is a hypocrite - doesn't mean you have to be one too."

pic: humanrace.wordpress

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Caster Semenya and her running shoes

Being fast requires a number of things. Heck! when I was little and played soccer i used to dream of being muscular like the soccer stars in the comic books. Why? I knew that way I could do everything faster, the dribbling, the scoring, you know. now here is Caster, she probably had the same motivations, to run faster you have to gym I suppose. I've been silently cringing at the sight of joggers eduzane; why, their body mass is wasting away because all they do is run, no further exercise, the poor things look like skeletons.

Anyway, Caster seems to have done what I didn't. i became an indoor-sy person and she became a running machine, the formula (gyming) seems to have worked (hush all you suggesting all kinds of other things, far be-it that the 18 year old cheated....:-(

Now, whether it's a medical condition as some have termed it, I do not know; or whether it is an unhealthy body altering non-reversible experiment....i surely hope not, AH Weh Mah

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

US Health-Care needs more 'care' for the Poor

My early education taught me that communism is a sin, socialism an error, and capitalism the absolute and righteous way. After all, I was the underling of capitalism, and Calvinism; doing my best to learn how to ‘pull myself up by the bootstraps’; an African in a dog eat dog globalised world where the quality of bootstraps you pull is determined by Bretton-Woods; so watch out they might be too thin or worn and just might snap so what do you pull then? But ofcourse, there is much to learn from communism and marxism just like there is some we can learn from capitalism. For my fellow Christians, none of these 'isms' dropped out of heaven, they were just plain man-made (pardon my sexist language...)to meet man's needs, depending on what needs had to be met at the time.

Anyway, living in America for a spell shook me out of my system, one thing I was so scared of was getting sick, I had health insurance but still, what if? What a beautiful land when you have money, social security and insurance. What a frightful land when you can tell by people’s teeth who can’t afford basic dental care, by the plethora of tv shows that glamorize the medical field. I remember thinking to myself in those early days, ‘I’m told Africa is poor (there goes the monolithic view of Africa) but this is a different kind of poverty, at least back home I could walk into a hospital at the drop of a hat and have the option of ponying up some money if need be!’ Interestingly, public hospitals in Malawi offer better expertise than private clinics and hospitals. Of course there doctor-patient ratio is too high, and there is this and that problem, but the basics are there, for everyone.

On to the topic at hand; reading Obama’s ‘Dreams from my Father’; it was refreshing to read the conversation he had with a British medical doctor working in Malawi at the time. This doctor talked about the challenges doctors faced in public hospitals where they had to rely on basic necessities. But that’s precisely the point; at least there were basic necessities. A guarantee that someone will attend to you when you need medical/dental help and not ask for proof of your medical insurance first. A guarantee that you won’t have to wait for your sitch to be an emergency before someone helps you at the hospital. Where nurses don’t have to wear colorful uniforms; they just attend to your child’s mumps just because they are committed to that. It seems now that basic necessities are too much to ask for in the proposed health plan.

Here is a question to the big shots behind the medical machinery in this globalised world and to my fellow Christians that believe any solution proposed not borne out of capitalism is total depravity: On which side of the fence does the Hippocratic Oath most fit?

Hippocratic Oath (from Original Greek)

…………….according to my ability and judgement, I will keep this Oath and this contract:

……………..will benefit my patients according to my greatest ability and judgement, and I will do no harm or injustice to them.

Into whatever homes I go, I will enter them for the benefit of the sick, avoiding any voluntary act of impropriety or corruption……………………….

So long as I maintain this Oath faithfully and without corruption, may it be granted to me to partake of life fully and the practice of my art, gaining the respect of all men for all time. However, should I transgress this Oath and violate it, may the opposite be my fate.

Translated by Michael North, National Library of Medicine, 2002

pic: (the greed of capitalism)

Friday, August 7, 2009

Hillary Who? China and the US...the game continues...

If it aint one thing, it's another. The Buckaroo continues to express discontent over the mass evacuation of African babies in the name of a fashion statement rather than genuine compassion. How do I know it's not genuine compassion? Simple answer, a genuinely compassionate person is genuinely interested in African people and has time to problem-pose and not problem-solve.... anyway I'm getting off-track here, today's bee in my bonnet is someone called Hillary. I can't decide which last name suits her more, as she hyphenates to us a choice between maiden name and last name, I'll just go on and say Hillary Who.

The woman has managed to clearly show to me that Democrats are certainly no different from that other camp. The big-time hunting game for raw material continues, this time the venue has changed. Th game is now to be played in good ol' Africa. Same rules: Democracy is the trump card! Going around Africa in the guise of reinforcing the goodness of democracy, my left foot! Rather, this around Africa trip, from where I am standing is an attempt to antagonise the Chinese. The Chinese were the early birds this time so this game will be complex, yet again. Think about it. What's democratic about the DRC, perhaps the diamonds, gold...and Nigeria and Angola....hmmm...I DID hear their oil is so democratic it was resisting the Heh! Heh!...erm South Africa and Liberia, we'll let our minds wander on why the interest....

For interest's sake; here are 2 questions: Define to me clearly the meaning of Democracy and answer the following:

a) By what standards are the countries Hillary is/has visited democratic?
b) How and when did America get the right to award/give recognition to 'proper democracy'in other countries?
I can't help myself , a 3rd question needs to be asked:
c)Who gets to award/define democracy for America?
....and the last question I need to ask: What is the meaning of HYPOCRICY? (did I spell that right?, ahem....)

OK all I'm saying is that all you humble little African countries with no minerals to offer yet and no strong interactions with the Chinese: you can go ahead and enjoy your peace because it won't be too soon that a high profile Red White and Blue envoy dangles tariff-free trade in your faces. Democracy looks like oil, no, diamonds, no, I mean textiles no, I mean capitalism, yes capitalism ITS ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOD -SING- ITS ALL FOR THE GREATER GOOOD, HEY HEY THE GREATER GOOOOD!!! Maybe democracy is freedom and human rights. Yes, I kind of forgot about that freedom and human rights bit, sigh...

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Mountain Hikers, Be Wary of Global Warming in Africa

French Brazilian hiker goes missing in malawi

….with temperatures dropping on our continent… hikers beware. In the news article below; there are three possibilities:

1) Mount Mulanje has had cases of people disappearing mysteriously, an occurrence connected to spiritual activity on the mountain. This man may have fallen victim to that or

2) temperatures around this part of Africa are dropping, so this hiker’s going up the mountain with a t-shirt and biscuits is something that could probably have been safe to do 50 years ago, Winter in Africa was kinder then, or, sadly

3)the zeal of youth....

The News Article:
____A 23-year-old French-Brazilian hiker has gone missing in one of Malawi's mythical mountains, the southern African country's environmental and security authorities disclosed Monday.

"Last Friday afternoon a French hiker attempted to climb Sapitwa Peak but failed to return to Chisepo Hut and since then there has been no sign of him," said Hastings Maloya, Communications Officer for the Mulanje Mountain Cons ervation Trust (MMCT).

At 3,002 metres above sea-level, Sapitwa Peak is the highest point on Mulanje Mountain, the highest in this part of Africa.

Police have since identified the missing hiker as Gabriel Buchman, who holds dual French and Brazilian citizenship.

Mulanje Police spokesman Raphael Makondetsa said Buchman arrived in the district on Thursday and attempted to climb the mountain on Friday.

"He took a tour guide with him from Likhubula (the base of the mountain) up to Chambe Basin but turned back the porter, saying he was an experienced mountain climber," he said.

Makondetsa said a statement by the tour guide indicated that Buchman had boasted climbing mounts Kilimanjaro and Everest.

But the police spokesman said the weather had been harsh since Thursday and a group of German hikers, who abandoned their attempt to conquer the peak due to bad weather, advised forestry, police and MMCT official not to allow anyone to goup until the weather improved.

"But Bushman was already up there and we have declared him missing since Friday, " he said.

Makondetsa said Buchman's next of kin in both France and Brazil had been informed about his status and were getting updates about the rescue efforts.

Maloya said: "The Mount Mulanje Rescue Team was mobilised on Sunday to begin a formal search operation around the slopes of Sapitwa and is now working within the area. The search is being organised by the Department of Fore stry and Mulanje Mountain Conservation Trust."

But chances of finding him alive, according to police, were slim.

"The problem is that Buchman went up there only dressed in a T-shirt and with only biscuits as food," he said. "The weather has been very bad since Thursday. In fact it's raining right now and we are freezing. I can't imagine what the weather is like up there."

Meanwhile, the governments of France and Brazil have joined the rescue efforts and, according to Makondetsa, military helicopters will be deployeed to ulanje on Tuesday.

"If the weather improves we will let the helicopters fly but as it is now it's risky to fly anyone up there," he said.

Mulanje Mountain, which lies some 80 kilometres south of Malawi's commercial capital, Blantyre, is full of myths.

It is believed that spirits of ancestors of people around the area roam the mountain and snatch people if they are displeased by something.

Although the myths cannot be proven scientifically, locals believe them because several people have gone missing in the mountain but no bodies have ever been found despite exhaustive searches using helicopters and sniffer dogs.

Buchman went missing five years after another hiker, a Dutch nurse named Linda Pronk, also disappeared.

Pronk went missing in the mountain in 2003 but despite exhaustive searches by Malawian soldiers and Dutch professional rescue teams, using sniffer dogs and helicopters, no body was recovered.

According to Malawi laws, a missing person is certified dead at the expiry of seven year, so Pronk is still registered as 'missing'.___

Blantyre - 20/07/2009

By Raphael Tenthani, PANA Correspondent

Monday, July 20, 2009

Say What????

Two men met at a bus stop and struck up a conversation.
One of them kept complaining of family problems.

Finally, the other man said: "You think you have family problems?
Listen to my situation: A few years ago, I met a young widow with a
grown-up daughter and we got married. Later my father married my

That made my stepdaughter my stepmother and my father became my
stepson-in-law. Also, my wife became mother-in-law of her

It's not funny, my wife sees me as her grandson because my father is her
son-in-law. "You will realise that my stepdaughter and her mother,
my wife that is, became sisters-in-law.

Then the daughter of my wife, my stepmother, who is also my
stepdaughter, had a son. This boy was my half-brother because he was
my father's son, but he was also the son of my wife's daughter, which
made him my wife's grandson. That made me the grandfather of my

"This was nothing until my wife and I had a son. Now the half-sister
of my son, my stepmother, is also the grandmother. This makes my father
the brother-in-law of my child, whose stepsister is my father's wife.

I'm my stepmother's brother-in-law, my wife is her own child's aunt, my son
is my father's nephew and I'm my own grandfather!! And you think you
have family problems........?"

source: forwarded emails

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Congrats Cathy Kamthuzi

Malawi Fashion expo winner's creations! Outfits looking good, where can we buy them?!!!!

source: Nyasa Times

Ooooh! I want a Malawian Child too!!!

They don't know you
but they'd like to have you
they think of all the wonderful things they will teach you
they have no idea what you already know
the meaning of "Siku sinja ndi Gwenembe"
and the morals behind"Kam'dothi"

they want to take you to their land
and show you the wonders
they have no idea that your eyes
have already seen
the miracle of mbewa ya pa chulu
ikunena mawu, "muzindi khapa bwino, mudzandidula mutu ye!"
or better yet, Bangwe on Market day, people, sounds, smells,
such simple wonders, so profound

Je connais que...
they can't wait for you to hear the sounds
of the West
It's funny how they think wealth means joy
toys, car horns, wii,
sounds, sounds, sounds
they don't know
you don't know a word in your language for depression
that you've never heard of a psychiatrist in your land
Free, Mahala
you laugh at Makiyolobasi's jokes for free
you dance to Music splash for free
ah money, what joy did it ever bring one?

Je pense que..
they cant wait to see what a little Malawian brain can accomplish
with the best education the West has to offer
no one told them oral history does require IQ too, anyone can write...
but to retrace generations and past movements?
all those names of generations after generations of your ancestors you know by heart
where your Bantu people came from,
where they parted
Who they are
the Mang'anja, the Xhosa, the Ngoni, the Chewa, the Sena, the Lambya

they'll never really know you
how you pray
what you dream in the night
your true gifts, innate in a Bantu child
they'll never really hear you
your thoughs articulated in your mother toungue

You're either 'beautiful'
now I see your hair isn't combed right with a pick but you say that's OK
because they said so
you're legs are ashy because there's no vaseline
in your suburb
you say you're fine
they said the moisturiser is just fine for you
and you don't sound right singing from so high a music note
and you say, "this is real music, my teacher said so."
You want say.
you've been taught to say
"Grass is greener over here
leave me here....Ma, Pa, don't listen to those know-it-all's, they don't know what they're talking about, they don't know my problems."

How did they explain to you that they know your problems?
Je ne sais pas....mais,Je pense que...toi aussi, tu ne sais pas

pic: internet

Monday, June 29, 2009

America's loss

PIcture above: Kaka of Brazil after match. 28 June 2009. US 2-3 Brazil

Don't get me wrong,there are many things that I value in the American people, I have friends and family that are colored Red-White-and-Blue. But hey, America winning a soccer cup in 2009, nah, that would have been going too far. I think our fellow planet-people over in the USA have a certain little complex that won't be helped by winning yet another trophy, especially soccer or shall we call it by its proper name, Football.

Just to add, the images I have in my mind of little children playing in mixed-sex teams over in US doesn't seem to match up to the dedication you see in the so-called developing world to the game. I like mixed-sex teams, I actually like playing in soccer and basketball games with both men and women participating but my memories of watching those particular kids were of the 'oh-what-fun-this-little-game-is'. That is why I'll say my congratulations to Brazil.

Like the rest of the confed teams they grow up dreaming of playing on the world stage and it would kinda hurt to see a country which values other sports more as 'real' sports eg. American football and baseball actually winning. Matter of fact I don't even think that many Americans knew there was a confed tournament going on in South Africa. During the world cup, I had to walk like 30 minutes in Washington State to get to a house where I knew people were watching the finals- Italy vs France (remember the head butt),

so yeah, US winning, nah, not to hate but eh, it just don't look right.

... and for that fervent prayer after the victory,one word only fits: Wow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Battle of Empires Past: Egypt 1-0 Italy

Ok, Tawaret was actually female but hey, it ties in with the Asterix strip question next to it. Oh, the work of empires....How fascinating to watch (last night) Egypt battle it out with Italy in the Confederations Cup. Descendants of the Egyptian Empire and the Roman Empire. 'Ceasar's men' and 'Pharaoh's men' in 21st Century grand battle of FOOTBALL. Ah, and it was indeed a battle of sheer strength of mind. They seemed evenly matched in as far as physical strength. At the end of the day Pharaoh's men won it.

Oi! can you see the pyramids from the Appian Way? No? Hike up that toga praetexta and climb up the stairs outside the temple. you see them. Mmmm, I'm being a meanie now! LOL.....For the Luv of the game!

Monday, June 15, 2009

21 year old Malawian FEMALE Wonders: Part 1

As promised; I have finally sat down to blog about female Malawians who are blazing a trail for the younger generation to follow. A good place to start is 21 year olds, they are the unsung hero's after all; they do all the donkey work and make us grown folks look good. Tru.

Natasha Taumbe

Age: 21

Current Area of Occupation: Health

Location: Central Malawi

Training: Malawi, Germany

Work Assignments thus far: Malawi, Germany, South Africa

Has her own blog: You betcha:

Challenging Role: Natasha's work involves integrating traditional healers into Malawi's health care system by facilitating support, training and other things my brain is too small to comprehend so that their work complements that of the government in regards to health. I have my own personal bones to pick with traditional healers (pun intended); So Natasha, whatchu gon' do about my issues with them folks?

Milestones: Among other things: participated in the translation of those HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention booklet series; now don't get me started but the alternative to promiscuity therein is effective but highly controversial, wouldn't you say?

Final Word: Ah, Natasha, Thank you for offering up the challenges strategy-wise that face the Malawian in the 21 Century! Now it's up to us theologians to come up with theologies concerning those topics eh?

pic:, bust of african woman: 1851 Charles-Henri-Joseph-Cordier

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smart idea, that

My sister from the land formerly known as Northern Rhodesia took me to the movies recently to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I was more of the idea of watching Angels and Demons to which she gave much opposition; I'm not a fan of Dan Brown either but have read the book and wanted to see what they did with all those dramatic (and I'm sure very graphic) scenes- think death by the elements!

Anywho, back to the issue at hand; I was quite pleased to learn (and only after the movie) that the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Mzansi's own Gavin Hood. This is his second movie that I've watched, Tsotsi was the first,and now this one - I quite liked it. And it's a smart idea, when the world begins to utilise the talented directors on the international landscape, we can expect good things. Not only that, I guess many Mzansi-ans will pitch up at the theatres to show support, more money for the X-men franchise. Is this the good side of globalisation? hmmmm....

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Tremble in Fear

Last night I forgot a pouch on a public bus. It had my camera, my cell phone and my memory stick. Think contact numbers, think memories captured on camera, think software and hardware... The pouch had my lip balms too but those were not of as great a concern. This morning, here they are staring at me. I will not be as silly as to think it's just my good luck or naive enough to claim that the passengers on the bus/the staff were exceptionally good people, perhaps they are but I will never know that for sure.

Thank you God for making it possible that I have my things back with me. Thank you for showing me that YOU are God. May Your Name be Praised, and not just because You have done this, but because YOU are God.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Brother's Keeper

It all started with Cain

It all ended for Abel

The Cains are there,
to hate
to be malicious
to kill

Where will you run to Abel?
A victim of judgment, misunderstanding envy
and why?
Anything and everything
Your colour
your race
your religion
your food
your You
Cain won't let you be

Cain died too
Cain lives
he changes
becomes an Abel
and Abel
changes too
and becomes a Cain
and so the cycle goes on

and all the 'isms'

and all the 'phobias'

It all started with Cain
It all ended for Abel

One sweet day,
something new started with Jesus
in a manger

One sad day,
and it all ended for Him
on a battered cross
or so they thought

through Jesus
every day
A Cain CAN become an Abel
An Abel
CAN becomes a better Abel
learns to forgive a Cain
has been availed

One day
Cain won't be
the Cain we have known
for one day
Justice, Peace and love
shall reigh

Come Lord Jesus.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Malawi, One Love

One Love Malawi

pic: my prof's kid from back in the day, oops! snatched it off of Facebook. Don't sue me!!! Looking like you did a good job Widz hope u told them the truth about Mother Malawi.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Saturday, May 23, 2009

Malawi Elections

Congratulations to President Dr. Bingu wa Mutharika. It was simply Elections, then election results, then inauguration. Straight to the point and crime/hassle-free. Aint that nice? Praise the Lord let's continue to pray earnestly for our nation.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Vote Wisely

Vote Wisely my beloved fellow Malawians. This is the big day, comes once every five years. Remember, your vote is your voice.


pic: Nyasa Times

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Mind recalibration

It was a good distraction meet up for lunch with two older women that are not trying to change the world; on their own. Exactly what the doctor ordered. My mind has been running wild with: "What to do?" "What to do?" "The world is going to the dogs" "What to do."

There is hope, why, OUR REDEEMER LIVES

The world can be heart at a time. Starting with mine.



Saturday, May 16, 2009

'Dead Aid' & African Development

A friend of mine wrote this response on the discussion Dambisa Moyo has brought to the table: Here are the youtube links in case you haven't caught on:

Here is the response....

'Aaaah I am so glad there is no controversy there! that is a very good sign. Even Dambisa herself says that most of the people who vehemently oppose her views are not Africans. Already my vision of the 'globe' is being shaped by my current location. Yikes!!! In my class at the Institute, they are avoiding to discuss this book like crazy. Most of development practitioners, and the so called diplomats, heavily depend on the perpetuation of the Aid model to keep their jobs. The international development sector is a booming industry for hundreds of thousands of a[Western} 'development experts so they call themselves' who have made sure they the western countries, IMF and the World Bank continue to give loans and aid to Africa so they ensure that they Africa remains dependent and they continue to trot all over Africa like they own it. Our own political leaders mean nothing to them, because practically the donors are the bosses. Their campaign for democracy in Africa is at best an oxymoron.

It's so funny how Dambisa says, if Bono is the face of Africa then why do we even bother to vote for our leaders? Would Americans allow a foreign celebrity to represent them to the world? What's Obama paid to do? They may have the best intentions, but not the right actions. They should never replace our leadership. Our elected leaders are bullied around and not held responsible for provision of basic governance because their power is polarized by the alternative hand - the Aid hand. Aid feeds corruption (the tidye nawo za azungu mentality). AID is a cancer to Africa. but please note that this refers mainly to development aid, and not necessarily humanitarian aid (which is also ridden with issues in itself). those of you who have not heard her, please try to do so soon. Her book, 'Dead Aid' is a must have.'

I hope you all have a great weekend. I encourage you to share your opinions so we have a balanced perspective in this matter.'

Hallelujah, thanks bud! let's keep our eyes open and not blinded.....

pic: photobucket

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet Fanta Diallo

The story is told that Alpha Blondy (born Seydou Kone in 1953, Cote d'Ivoire) composed the song "sweet Fanta Diallo" to thank the mysterious nurse who had attended faithfully to his mental health needs as a psychiatric patient in an Ivorian hospital.

Well after he was well again, he returned to the hospital to thank Fanta Diallo. No one knew of her or even remembered a nurse named Fanta Diallo as ever having worked there. He left and believing she might have been an angel set about composing the song to thank her anyway. I have had my own Fanta Diallos, many I can't remember; and for those whose composition is not etherial; in case you ever come across this blog, thank you one and all! Here are some my brain can recall:

1. I was a crawling baby when I had wandered on all fours outside of our yard. All my mother remembers from the incident is a very irate man bringing me home. He had found me teetering on a bridge unknowingly facing, as it were, death, a short distance from our home, guessing where i lived he brought me home and gave my mother a piece of his mind for letting me out of her sight.

2. Desmond Bailey, no celestial being, when I had lost all my swimming composure in Sodwana and you swam out to rescue me. I hear you have twins, perhaps more children now, it's been at least 14 years. Thank you

3. The White dude at Barnes and Noble Silverdale. Backing up my bosses Dodge Intrepid very poorly, I stuck the front wheel in the wheel hood of the next car on the parking lot. You brought out packs of iced water and sorted it all out without a scratch to either car. I'm sure the owner of that car has NO IDEA.

4. The Zimbabwean-born White dude who carried my heavy bags at JFK, he came from nowhere, carried them, chatted and with a goodbye he was gone...and for those of you who've been there, JFK is no joke.

5. Leah Freeman-Miller, it's been 17 years, no joke.

6. Pastor Koloko, Amen!! It's been what, 12 years since those words? I remember them like yesterday.

5. Finally all the earth angels, not limited to, God knows, those of you who answer to the name of Soko, Chipeta, Gondwe, Luhanga, Jere, Jones, de Wolf, Anderssen, Combs, Joseph, Chinchen, Brown, Mtali, Maseko, Chingagwe, Quandt, M'baya, Munthali, Banda, Kambale, Msusa, McHugh, VanSkiver, Young, Chisala, Taumbe, Khonje, Morel, McMillan, Mpasu, Mulungo, Steven, Miti, Mitchell, Groening, Phiri, de Leo, Magambi, Chirwa, Khombe, Khomba, Nsanja, Lungu, Agbermodji, Kaiya, Malange, Kasirye, Juma, Musopole, Chiseko, Owor, Matewere, Hawkins, Main, Mtika, Jomba, Malewezi,Dwiggins, Mann, Votroubek, Ries, Richards, Clark, Schertzer, Aldridge, Henry, Tsabedze, Lourens, Bengo, Habib, Kashyap, Osman, Irshad, Safik, Irfan, Chingota, Sabwelera, Nyirenda, Thom, Waz, Vasquez, etc., etc.,, it is true, I AM because WE ARE. May God meet you according to your needs and beyond and may He receive eternal glory. I am amazed that there are so many more names I haven't put down, I understand today the folly of pride, I wouldn't be where I am if God had not used you to bless me in all the ways that you did and continue to. WOW. And yes, folks at my former and present school and my former and present places of work, Hallelujah for you!

Here is the song;

'Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

FANTA walking on the rainbow now!
FANTA shivering in moon light waves
FANTA hogging on the mountain top
FANTA kissing me on the burning rock

Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

One day, one day Fanta flee away
with the sun
one day, one day, Fanta ,melt away
under the sun
one day, Fanta flee away
with the sun
over and over I guess
she melt away under the sun
again and again
I keep on wondering
where she's gone
the last time I saw her,
psychiatric hospital
Now I know that I did you wrong
Yes I love you rainbow
And I love you rainbow ray
please help me rainbow
you got to lead me rainbow'

lyrix:; Alpha Blondy birth and age:; angel -

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Free Ad, One Love

Our Flag. Where you find 'em, buy 'em. and buy one for me too. er, preferrably the one in black.

Friday, May 8, 2009

More Malawi Talent: MajBeatz.

Okay, I stil contend I'm not biased towards male Mdubs achievers. kungoti you girls are keeping your stats locked down. Anywho, I've heard of MajBeatz before but reading about him today in the Daily Times makes me realise the guy means business.Makes me a little jealous of his focus, drive and ambition, I'll admit, we's almost age-mates... the dude owns his own stuff, runs his own stuff....eish....Malawi/Columbus Ohio Yeeahurpp!!

'His rĂ©sume tells a bigger story ... “I am a producer, song writer, engineer, mentor, music consultant, artist developer, graphic designer and a musician” says the managing director of Maj Beatz Production which he founded in June 1999.' -Daily Times Malawi-

check out:, he's got some of his music productions on there.

pix: majbeatz sites

Remember: DON'T HATE, APPRECIATE! yoh...
next up on the Mdubs talent roster; either Kimba Mutanda or... nah that's a dude. I'ma go ahead and do an expose on fresh FEMALE talent,hold your breath.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

The "Q" man strikes again; Qabaniso Malewezi at MADSOC

Tomorrow at MADSOC, 7:30 PM

'Qabaniso Malewezi, better known as ‘Q’, was born on 7th September 1979 in Lilongwe, Malawi. Passionate about performing arts, he was accepted into the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) whose patron is Sir Paul McCartney. Q’s acceptance into the institute was a historical mark because he was the first African to ever be accepted. After LIPA he went on to the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). Although most of his training has been in music, Q has always been a poet and a writer at heart. His vivid writing style is full of life, vibrancy, rhythm and imagination as echoed in his self described ‘I will not tell you, I will show you’ approach to writing. As a performer, Q has the ability to capture and relate to any audience invoking a range of emotions through his heartfelt performances laced with slight doses of humorous undertones.' -MADSOC-

Support this talented Malawian by showing up folks! And, ahem Q, congrats on the events of last week...malumes eti"

End note: Manchester United 3, Gunners 1. happily we (and this is a Buckaroo speaking who has never even been to Manchester!)have disposed of the Gunners. Man U woyee!!! Ferguson woyee!!! Inenso woyeee!!!! Ah, in this area of football I'm happily colonised. You do realise this statement is tongue-in-cheek? Don't quote me-O in some funny stats, hawu, banange and some would neh? Nuff respect PARK Ji-Sung, FEAR the EAAASTTTT!!!!

Friday, May 1, 2009


Always been shy of the Book of Habbakuk and all for the petty reason that the name of the author is unfamiliar. Early memories take me back to '88 when my aunt and uncle debated animatedly what they were going to name their first born (alas, they waited until he was born to have this debate!!). After trying out different names.. and they were determined to give my cousin a Biblical name; ... and not finding one they liked, I overhead my weary aunt's query, "What then, HABBAKUK?"

Thankfully the mite was named Daniel. A portion of scripture has been making a ruckus in my life of late on this earthly journey and thanks to technology, (thank You Jesus :-) I found it on a friend's FaceBook profile. I didn't know it was in Habbakuk but hey, thank God for Habbakuk, what a verse; where there is no vision, people perish. Thank you Lord for the blessing of vision given by You!:

Habbakuk 2:3"For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come, it will not delay"

pic: Pilgrim, John Bunyan

Monday, April 27, 2009

Mmm mmm good (oops sorry Campbell soup didn't mean to steal ur creativity....

....but don't this look mmm mmm good? Well I couldn't make this picture much bigger without distorting it but I suppose that clicking on it opens it up to a larger view. I'm sold out for 3 of the dishes the fourth, i'm still a bit iffy about. Clockwise from top right: nsima, kapenta stew(the dish i'm a bit iffy about), cabbage, and masamba otendera.

Nsima: Nsima is purely maize meal and water, simmered and cooked to the right consistency. Some hate it, some of it love it for the fact that it has no taste of its own so u can eat it with pretty much anything and be full, hits the spot!

Kapenta stew: tiny fish, must be about 2" at their full-grown length. The little beady eyes freak me out. When I MUST eat them, I avoid the head (OK, that's more detail than anyone needed).

Cabbage: fried in onions, tomato and seasoning, ahh, yum. Buckaroo style? cabbage stew, bean stew and nsima, now THAT hits the spot!

Masamba otendera: Garden leafy green veggies, slightly boiled, then fried with onions, tomato and ground peanut sause. I wonder what genius invented this...:-)

pic: Kwathu Family Resort, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. (Visit them @:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode to Kabula City

Can my love for Kabula, so different from my love for Zomba (paTexas) be aptly described? If so, let it be proved:

Kodi iwe Kabula
paja ati ndiwe Blantyre tsopano
Ah, iwe Kabula!
Ndimakumbuka ndili mwana
kundiwopsyeza ati
"Iwe ukapanda ku kwecha nkhali siwu pita nawo ku Blantyre."
Inetu nthawi yomweyo ku kwecha nkhali mpaka nkhali kubowoka

Ah, Kabula
kodi ndi zowona?
Kuti nthawi imeneyo anthu otchena onse ama shopa ma georgette kumeneko?
Panalinso ma shati aja onyezimila thwani thwani, ati Viscose
amapezeka kumeneko mu shopu ija ya ku Joni inathyoledwa ija?

Ine ndimakumbuka
kumvera pa Radio MBC, 'broadcasting from Blantyre'
nyimbo ya "zinabwera mochedwa inu a Phiri"
kodi ndi nyimbo imene ija anatchulamo
Delamere House kuti ndi nyumba yokwera pa mwamba pa inzake
zosowatu izo

Nanga ma red star
a city ovala za orange
6 July
ma fana a ku Dharap
atsikana a pa Our Lady
Amwenye a ku Mpingwe
ma Double Decker
ku Zoo ndi ku Museum

Iyayi ife kunali ku silira
moyo wa ntauni monga muja anayimbira Peter Pine monga mwa dzina lake nthawi imeneyo
Tinakhalako mochedwa
cha mu Chiwembe ndi mu Nkhumbemu
koma sizinali chimodzi modzi
double decker inali kunka kumapeto
timakwela ya Mbayani, ya Chileka ndi ya Lunzu popita ku Nkhumbe
ya Highway, popita ku Chiwembe
Kondodo nd PTC ati kuyiphatikiza limodzi pansi phiii
kaya nkutulukila achina Peoples
kenaka kanyama kaja ati Shoprite
kuchokela komwe ku Joni
ayi sizinali chimodzi modzi

Pano ati ndinu a Blantyre
u Kabula uja umakuyanjani
koma zija ndizakale
pana tiyende nawo mu Highway
popita ku Game
ana aku Poly nangatu a poyila
a panga bwanji chipolowe Highway m'mene ikuwopsyera
kayatu kaya
tizawona nawo turf,
kumeneko ku Blantyre.....

end of Part One.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pic says it all

UEFA Here we come

(and this is an African speaking, Ok that's a paradox. Hence club football is a global phenomenon and Man U. is THE people's team!!!)

The pic says it all

Manchester United 1-0 FC Porto

....and Ronny you had to humiliate folks in your own country, shame....psych naaaaaah! A game is a game!!!!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank You Chelsea

Nothing personal against Liverpool, it's just that that humiliation a few weeks ago was too much for me. I'm a Man U fan and a 4-1 loss was just too much. I applaud Liverpool for playing their hearts out in both the Premier and Champions League. It's now time to thank Chelsea for a job well done. 7-5 victory over Liverpool on aggregate...I'm truly happy to see the back of them in the Champions league.

Zimatele zimatele, bwenzi zikoma.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Prisoner Within These Walls

You've never been in there, the four walls made of concrete, stone, brick, wood, mud...
The key only meets the oustide key hole
but you too are a prisoner
how do I know?
I am too

When I look on as people suffer
I am a prisoner of false freedom
and you, when you give consent so that your earthly trappings are secure
are a prisoner too, of affluence

they sleep side by side on a cold surface, made of concrete, stone, wood, cloth, straw and metal
The sun only kisses the outside of their wall
don't turn away, you too are a prisoner
how do I know?
I am too

When I don't question the status quo
and say, 'that's how it has always been.
that's what works'
I am a prisoner of self-inflicted blindness, I don't want to see
and you, when you give consent so that your own country is blessed and prospers
are a prisoner too of national pride

national pride

They sleep side by side
wait for the sound of the key
the kiss of the sun
and these six things
but all you and I can do is
be prisoners too
trapped by self
and these six things

who will free them?
who will free me?
who will free you?

pix: UNODC

Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea: Now that's what I'm talking about

Thank you Chelsea for meting out vengeance on Liverpool. Hawu, angithi they humiliated the Red D's like no man's business. Hah, well, i won't be a meanie and gloat, but hey, it feels good to see JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zimatele! Zimatele! Bwenzi Zikoma!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

G-Mobile and our Versatile Tay-Grin

Beyond Nyau-unit, (I have my 2 ¢ on that but I will save that for another day) and his music, this man Limbani Kalilani AKA Tay Grin is setting the pace for a new generation of versatile Malawians by being part of the leadership of the third mobile company in Malawi: G-Mobile.

It seems gone are the days when families sat around the table and parents asked the children, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" To the "correct" responses such as "I wanna be a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot", parents invested everything they had to make that dream come true- and, ahem, made sure you stuck to that profession if they had anything to do with it. If on the other hand, the response was something like, "ah, I wanna be an artist or a sports professional" the parents ably took up the challenge to drum it into your head that, "Honey, you could do that ofcourse, ASIDE from a real job, you know, like working in an office like a manager. Don't you want to be a manager honey, or a pilot, or a"

In the end the majority of the generation of M-dub kids born in the 70's and 80's grew up thinking arts and sport are "hobbies" that one can't make a substantial living from. Reading today about Tay Grin and G-Mobile, I begin to think of the likes of Dumisani Kapanga, a student/radio personality/online entrepreneur combo or Aubrey Mvula AKA Tha Gosple the chartered accountant/Christian rap artist/quasi evangelist or even Qabaniso Malewezi AKA Q, the poet/Abstrack Beatz Director/producer...the list is long (and women don't worry, to be clear, I know the list of reps from our gender is long also and I'm not hating on us by using only males as examples-O, we are making our mark as well).

Yeah, it's a happy day to see such a dawning in Malawi where the question of personal skills and talents and gifts can be expressed outside of the box shown us when we were young, after all, THERE IS NO BOX. I wonder then what is was that they showed us, a uni-dimensional square they thought was a box........

G-Mobile vice-chairperson Limbani Kalilani promises first class telecommunication services in Malawi saying his company, which is expected to invest US$40 million (about K1.6 billion) within the first five years of operations, will bring more advanced technologies in the system.

“We will be introducing the first ever hybrid network in Malawi. We want [mobile] services in the country to match the best in Africa,” said Kalilani.

As disclosed by Kalilani, the company is expected to provide about 900 jobs to Malawians, in addition to reaching the rural masses by providing facilities which will “facilitate easy access to telecommunications services.”

excerpt from Nyasa Times; pix: stolen from Tay Grin
P.S. Now if some external imperialist devises in his head a plan to use this development for self-seeking capitalistic gain at the expense of any Malawian rich or poor, I won't hesitate to slap ya upside the head, for real.

Monday, March 30, 2009

Too bad but not end of the road

Elephants 5-0 Flames, one worse than the Man U defeat. Still, you tried guys, effort noted. It's not the end of the road. I'd say, experience has been won here at least, useful for next time. Don't despair, even the Ivorians had a starting point, ours is now, the future is bright Flames. Malawi Woyee! Inenso woyee!

Friday, March 27, 2009

Malawi! Do us proud in Yamoussoukro!!

The long anticipated day is nearly here, Sunday March 29. My knees are shaking, my eyes are casting far and wide for the red, black and green scarf! Oh, Malawi, give your best in Yamasukro, whip them Ivorians bad like the way those red and white who claim "They'll never walk alone" beat the people's team.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Thumbs up Nyasa Times for Taking responsibility on issues of Story credibility

I believe that in a democratic state the media has a responsibility to respect the state's prerogative in releasing sensitive details as were reported on on our Mose wa Lero this week. True or not (now that you have retracted this news item from your site), the media doesn't have to agree but respect the State's prerogative because such details have various implications across the board.

Then again there is a very fine line between a tabloid and a news house. Sensationalism serves the appetite of the few and exists to make money and more of it on the expense of the majority. I may not always agree with your viewpoints Nyasa Times but I have come to respect your presence online, bringing news to Malawians in the diaspora Paja a Malawi okonda dziko lawo amalimanga, yes, critically of course koma with responsibilities

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Oh dear

4-2 loss to Liverpool and now 2-0 loss to Fulham. Ah, we'll pull through, we'll make it Manchester United! Let's go! Now Sir Alex, maybe it's the gum that's killing it....ever considered that? They say it works the nerves bad and maybe the nerves heighten the level of red cards...

Sunday, March 15, 2009

It's not over until it's over

We're still at the top. No matter what. Remember, we're still at the top of the Premier League with a clean 4 point read. Do you copy?

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Manchester United 2-1 Inter Milan

Now that's what I call a game. Vidic and Christiano Ronaldo scored goals that were genuine, I have a problem with penalties so when it's goals like these I'm rest assured they were very well deserved. The road to the supermarket passes near some vendors selling Club Jerseys, one day I'll be just so persuaded as to buy one for myself, what am I doing without a Club Jersey anyway? Now if only Sir Ferguson would stop chewing that gum.