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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Sweet, sweet Fanta Diallo

The story is told that Alpha Blondy (born Seydou Kone in 1953, Cote d'Ivoire) composed the song "sweet Fanta Diallo" to thank the mysterious nurse who had attended faithfully to his mental health needs as a psychiatric patient in an Ivorian hospital.

Well after he was well again, he returned to the hospital to thank Fanta Diallo. No one knew of her or even remembered a nurse named Fanta Diallo as ever having worked there. He left and believing she might have been an angel set about composing the song to thank her anyway. I have had my own Fanta Diallos, many I can't remember; and for those whose composition is not etherial; in case you ever come across this blog, thank you one and all! Here are some my brain can recall:

1. I was a crawling baby when I had wandered on all fours outside of our yard. All my mother remembers from the incident is a very irate man bringing me home. He had found me teetering on a bridge unknowingly facing, as it were, death, a short distance from our home, guessing where i lived he brought me home and gave my mother a piece of his mind for letting me out of her sight.

2. Desmond Bailey, no celestial being, when I had lost all my swimming composure in Sodwana and you swam out to rescue me. I hear you have twins, perhaps more children now, it's been at least 14 years. Thank you

3. The White dude at Barnes and Noble Silverdale. Backing up my bosses Dodge Intrepid very poorly, I stuck the front wheel in the wheel hood of the next car on the parking lot. You brought out packs of iced water and sorted it all out without a scratch to either car. I'm sure the owner of that car has NO IDEA.

4. The Zimbabwean-born White dude who carried my heavy bags at JFK, he came from nowhere, carried them, chatted and with a goodbye he was gone...and for those of you who've been there, JFK is no joke.

5. Leah Freeman-Miller, it's been 17 years, no joke.

6. Pastor Koloko, Amen!! It's been what, 12 years since those words? I remember them like yesterday.

5. Finally all the earth angels, not limited to, God knows, those of you who answer to the name of Soko, Chipeta, Gondwe, Luhanga, Jere, Jones, de Wolf, Anderssen, Combs, Joseph, Chinchen, Brown, Mtali, Maseko, Chingagwe, Quandt, M'baya, Munthali, Banda, Kambale, Msusa, McHugh, VanSkiver, Young, Chisala, Taumbe, Khonje, Morel, McMillan, Mpasu, Mulungo, Steven, Miti, Mitchell, Groening, Phiri, de Leo, Magambi, Chirwa, Khombe, Khomba, Nsanja, Lungu, Agbermodji, Kaiya, Malange, Kasirye, Juma, Musopole, Chiseko, Owor, Matewere, Hawkins, Main, Mtika, Jomba, Malewezi,Dwiggins, Mann, Votroubek, Ries, Richards, Clark, Schertzer, Aldridge, Henry, Tsabedze, Lourens, Bengo, Habib, Kashyap, Osman, Irshad, Safik, Irfan, Chingota, Sabwelera, Nyirenda, Thom, Waz, Vasquez, etc., etc.,, it is true, I AM because WE ARE. May God meet you according to your needs and beyond and may He receive eternal glory. I am amazed that there are so many more names I haven't put down, I understand today the folly of pride, I wouldn't be where I am if God had not used you to bless me in all the ways that you did and continue to. WOW. And yes, folks at my former and present school and my former and present places of work, Hallelujah for you!

Here is the song;

'Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

FANTA walking on the rainbow now!
FANTA shivering in moon light waves
FANTA hogging on the mountain top
FANTA kissing me on the burning rock

Sweet sweet Fanta Diallo
ouh! ouh! Fanta Diallo

One day, one day Fanta flee away
with the sun
one day, one day, Fanta ,melt away
under the sun
one day, Fanta flee away
with the sun
over and over I guess
she melt away under the sun
again and again
I keep on wondering
where she's gone
the last time I saw her,
psychiatric hospital
Now I know that I did you wrong
Yes I love you rainbow
And I love you rainbow ray
please help me rainbow
you got to lead me rainbow'

lyrix:; Alpha Blondy birth and age:; angel -


nyasoko said...

Sodwana, biggest scare of my life! It was nice reading this, warms the heart. It's good to appreciate people, I need to do it more often too. God knows where I would be without everybody! Do you remember trying to cook for me when were both sick of goodness knows what, Old Naisi? I should have hugged you that day and told you how much I appreciated that. Hope it's not too late! love you sis

Bruno Ysla Heredia said...

Thank you for tell the story behind "Sweet Fanta Diallo" one of my favourite songs. Maybe this song is an angel too because it makes me happy when i listen it

The music is very happy but something in the lyrics seemed to me sad. I thought that Fanta Diallo was a patient in the psychiatric hospital because the narrator of the song says that he "did her wrong". Now, thank to you i know that the patient was Alpha Blondy. Anyway, he says that he "did her wrong", why?

I remember now the anonymous boy that helped me when i fall in a pool or the guy that helped me when the chair where i was sit in the middle of a classroom it broke. Everybody laughs but not him. There is a lot of good people around us but sometimes we can't see nobody near.

Sorry for my bad English and thank you very much for your post.

Greetings from Lima, Peru

Anonymous said...

Such a great song. Thanks for the background, I couldn't quite work out the meaning from the lyrics.

Viagra Online said...

That's very interesting. I had no idea that's what the song was about! Something very similar happened to me years ago, so right now I feel more sympathetic with the song.

madou said...

No that's not true, Fanta Diallo was his high school sweet heart, his first love. He said that she showed him the sincere passion. They didn't get married though, but he said she a very smart girl and she used to do his homework even though he was one year ahead of him in school and because he was always in the night clubs. She passed away in 2004. He said that he will never forget her.

Anonymous said...

Another thank you for the background info. I'm a young Ivorian living in London and it can be quite an ostracizing feeling, being away from your community. I always connect so powerfully on an emotional level with this song, passed from my father's early adulthood into my childhood, and it's provided such relief to finally be able to understand it a bit better. Thank you :-)

Julie S said...

I was searching for the meaning of this song cos its on my playlist, but have had in my mind since childhood. Thanks for elaborating, and what a surprise to find the blog is written by my own sister! but also not surprising since its dad's music taste that led us to know this song in the first place.