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Monday, February 28, 2011

Lost in Draft

How? Wrote lines and lines about whether it makes global economic sense to allow unlimited money to accumulate on 'talent' i.e. the who's who of the grammys and Oscars for example. 

Celebrities of the US and UK have no ceiling it seems when it comes to endorsement deals, advertising deals, record deals, appearance fees, photo/story sales to magazines...the millions they get paid just seem to grow with every decade.

Well, what I wrote just disappeared  into cyberspace, poof! just like that. Thank you net nanny for nipping my criticism of this new class in the bud. Do you suppose 200 years from now people will say: 'the 21st Century was characterised by a steadily growing class of the wealthy, the Celebrities!' Well now, that's a topic for another day, fare the well my recently snatched draft...

Friday, February 11, 2011

A throw-back...

LOL, scrolling through my drafts, found this entry that never made the cut.  It's from about 3 years ago....!

Thank God for Labor Day! I am exhillirated, especially after Easter came in March and we had the whole April with no break, man, this is cool. What am I doing today? top of my list, I'm going to the Sunshine Boutique AKA Bend Down Boutique AKA Flea Market (where the fleas at?) AKA Kaunjika ONLY IN AFRICA BABY!!! I'm looking for some basketball shorts, not just for training, but I think they just inflate my ego, remind me of yester year....don't know if I can chance a basketball jersey, need to work on my tri-ceps, you know with all the good nsima it's kinda hard to keep them in check.

so to you all holiday/labor day celebrants, don't spend your hard-earned Kwacha drinking today..Carlsberg is already rich!  Meet me at the Sunshine Boutique. One Love!

-----p.s.  remember the scary rope bridge on your way to the bend down boutique, and you had to pay 5 Kwacha to walk on the flimsy thing, mmmha ha ha h!  wonder if it's still there as was!!!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Matters of Race: The Eavesdropper

Folkert and I took the metrorail up and down Cape Town several times over the Christmas season.  Not only was it efficient transportation, it also provided for us time to chat, talk and discuss... So obviously, after several days a topic that was at the centre of our discussions on one of those train rides was the issue of race. How people were responding to us, how they were responding to ME walking with Folkert; how they were responding to FOLKERT walking with me!

 After talking at lenghth, and me being secure that, racially, things are as they seem; our jaws dropped when an eavesdropper, a White guy might I add, walked up to us holding up a picture of his bi-racial girlfriend, 'You don't have to live in the past!  Look! This is my girlfriend for the past ... years.  Things were like that but you don't have to live in the past!'

If my memory serves me correctly, he had tears welling in his eyes.  It happened to be his stop and off he went.  It really got us thinking, we have had some bad experiences, we have had some weird experiences and we have had very many good experiences.  This guy gave us a good insight, it's not all about the experiences...we do have a choice, we can choose to LIVE today.