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Monday, December 6, 2010

Working with Grace

Good lesson to learn today that there will always be at least that one moment when there is no one else.  It's in those moments that character must shine.  It was a tough day indeed but I am glad that the people who presume to crush or shame others unprovoked, at the end of the day, are the spineless ones.  And also it's a day to learn that moms are special because for a period there are always there, no matter what. After we leave the bird nest though, it's in and out,that's when we learn to fight so that we are equipped to raise the next generation.

The English and their FIFA bid loss

What can I say? Well, at the expense of making humungously broad generations:

1.  For the English man who humiliated me as I applied for a visa with his, "What is that?  Your parent's bank account is it? Why that's a paltry sum of money it is!  You want make it through this application process you won't!' -----I say Yippee!  Now you know what it feels like when the 'big guns' look down their nose at you and say NO, You're not good enough yet this time!

2.  For my friends who were denied entry because:  'Where did they get so much money?  There's something funny about this?  They can't possible have such money, they won't make it into here, they won't.'  -----Here's to your money spent England! Now you know what it feels like to try your best and be swatted away like an annoying tropical fly.

3.  But to the nice immigration guy at Heathrow who let me in to customs briefly to give my sister the peanut butter she was craving when she was pregnant (and I was in transit to PA), for nice English folks like you I agree that there need to be reforms in the FIFA bidding process.

At the end of the day though, don't you think all countries who make it as far as bidding should be given a chance to host, particularly if they were sidelined for being 'ideological sinners' in the past (and for some in the present who still believe communism, religious governments etc. make some lesser states than others).. It's a game, football is a game and people should be able to host despite their ideological leanings don't you think? After all,  ha ha ha! songs such as 'when I get older...I will be stronger...they'll call me freedom just like a waving flag!' can be sang EVERYWHERE with a nice cold Coke       :-)

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Pipe dreams as Global Warming Logic

Eish!  Just had to change the channel when a 'well-educated-PhD-holding-Africanist-womanist-nature-conservationist-culturist-healer-' posited the solution to global warming.  She began well, talking about how our modern lifestyles are affecting nature's cycles and heightenning global warming.  She lost me though when the solution she offered included grain and food offerings to Mother Nature. 

Simply put, grain and food offerings to ward off the potential catastrophe of such gigantic proportions measure in the tonnes.  That equals yet more forests cleared to cultivate yet more grain to not only surpass regular consumption needs, but to appease this deity.  Eh, looks like an instant recipe for MORE global warming disaster for me. 

It's just as bad as the pipe dreams from overseas, that there will always be more- that you can eat all you want with no serious consequence on the environment....hogwash....speaking of hogs, how many acres does it take to feed one prize hog that will give me bacon, pork chops, and pork sama sumi, not counting the chunks for my stew! We are a giant mess if we aim to either appease Mother Nature and ourselves (with our population tripling by the decade) with food, food and more food...and expect a corpenicus happily forever many earths do we got?