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Thursday, October 30, 2008

Hazel Warren!!!!!!

I should admit, Big Brother Africa is progressively going to the dogs. Are we really like THAT as a people? Ag, no man, we can be so much better. As for our Hazel Warren, I may be biased (and I don't watch the show daily as I own no TV) but I think she's carried herself better than most. She's been nominated for eviction for the second time.

Is she IN or OUT next week? I think she's IN!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Ode to Child Soldiers

Ode to Child Soldiers

If he were your son
your brother, your nephew
your grandson

would you turn a blind eye
and hope that "it will all work out in the end"?
as the visions of what he's forced to do
made to do
taught to do
keep him awake at night
and make him delirious during the day

If he were your son
your cousin, your friend
your own

would you hope he'd forget
the "skills" of murder
rape and crime he's been made never to forget

would you pray it away
think it away
brush it off
if he were your own?

What would you do?
or most importantly What Would Jesus Do?

pic from

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

On Malawi's Finance Minister being # 1 in Africa

I heard it from a good source (still trying to get all the official info.) that our Finance Minister, Goodall Gondwe has been voted best Finance Minister in Africa. Ah! the joy of hearing a positive report on a continental scale. Congratulations to him and I wish him all the best in the implementation of his policies. Komanso a DK (Turtles) ndiye kuti ntchito mukugwira nanga sinanga Capitol Hill yonse ili mweeeeee ndi chimwemwe. Ayi, gwirani ntchito musawachititse manyaza a Bwana Gondwe kumeneko!

Friday, October 24, 2008

A Bee in my Bonnet

What do you do when you have a bee in your bonnet? Of course we are not being literal here but what do you do? You either take off your bonnet and get rid of the bee or let it sit in there and expire on it's own.

I don't know if anyone ever tried to make a flap in their bonnet so that the bee could have good ventilation in the hopes that it can make honey in there. Suppose that did happen, then the bee being in the bonnet becomes beneficial.

What am I trying to say? I've usually looked for negative solutions to what could potentially be a positive "problem". I've just recently learned that I don't have to run from confrontation.

Where there is a bee, there should be honey in the offing.

Deduce that...

"Let today be your SOMEDAY. Aspire to inspire before you expire." Anon.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

University of Malawi Quota System

I used to hear when I was a child that the quota system was introduced in the University of Malawi student selection and Kamuzu Academy student selection to limit the number on Northerners entering into those institutions. I was doubtful then, thinking everybody thought Northerners didn't deserve to be treated so.

Forward to 2008, suggestions are put forward that the quota system at UNIMA be re-introduced. The suggestions were put into effect and in today's paper I read that 2 senior staff members went to court and got a court injunction to stop this quota system. I thought, well, they sound like learned men, they are probably doing it for some good reason. Then I read their names, and their lawyer's name.... Northerners!

What do you know? It looks like they probably know what I knew as a kid. Hail Entering institutions on MERIT and down with the quota system!! Let all be free to enter!


Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lesson for me

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts from the book mentioned below contains ideas that I believe are effective and helpful, the beliefs held by the author in his personal life are in no way my own.

I apologize to all men and women for my uneducated opinions in regards to men/women relationships in entries such as the October 1 “Quoting Jaime on Vain Games Men Play.” It's a blessing to have embarked on a new personal development research, I am actually studying myself now, finding out what I need to know about relationships. There IS so much to learn especially for one who thought being 25+ is enough to take on the challenge. Expecting I would be using the phrase, "I already knew that" often.

I am reading John Gray’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Man, there is so much I need to learn from that book. Some critics have made their comments on that book, as for me, ME LIKEY because I relate so much to the women described in there, and here I was thinking I was pretty A OK I am yet to finish the book, it’s a slow read for me because it’s so personal, it’s like someone is telling me the story of my life. So, if you read that entry and actually agreed with me, yeah agree with me now: GO and buy “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” If you’re a guy and were confused with that entry, I recommend you get the book as well.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Rest in Peace Chimwemwe Festino

Two people sat together on the night bus, or the “night compost” as we called it then. It was sometime in 1997. I was 16, he was much older. Fresh on my mind was the fact that I was going to my 3rd Secondary School.

I had attended Kamuzu Academy for my first year of Secondary, had been very playful there and was deemed not capable of making it into the next class- I had been 11- I have since forgiven myself for failing everyone. Hmm. I had proceeded to study at St. Theresa’s High in Swaziland, my parents decided to return to Malawi a year and a half before I completed my Secondary-I have since forgiven them for failing me. Hmm. I was now riding on the bus to my third and last Secondary School. A boarding school. About 7 hours from home. The school was Mary Mount Girls Secondary School in Mzuzu.

He was heading to Mzuzu for goodness knows what. All I remember was we sat next to each other and started to talk. Strangers heading in one direction. Chit chat. I wanted to sleep but when he told me his name, Chimwemwe Festino, I sat up and took notice. Even by then, he was a household name, a sports reporter of great repute. He shared the adventures of his job and I told him the adventures of my little 16 years; of travel and school. Must not have been too impressive. His were more interesting. He was a reporter after all and had traveled far and wide.

He shared about the time he was on a bus in Lesotho,“Oh! That mountainous country! Do you know, I was on a bus there and it was so COLD. The bus driver put the heater on and fell asleep. Before we knew it, the bus was careening down the mountain! We all shouted, DRIVER! DRIVER!” I listened with keen interest, laughing, frowning, as the stories came. Wondering whether I would ever have such adventures.

Today I heard the news that Chimwemwe Festino is no more. The bus memory came to mind. He was one of those people you hear about in the media,he wasn't a reporter anymore, he'd gone on to do greater things in the Malawian sports world. You always think people in the news are a fixture. They will always be there, contributing to the nation’s progress in one way or the other. What a life he had, and what a loss to our nation!

Rest in Peace Chimwemwe Festino

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Journey into the Mind

What makes a mind?
What breaks a mind?
Does being mindful of something make one’s mind better than the one who never minds?

Never mind.
I just want to know,
What makes a mind strong?
What makes a mind weak?
Does being headstrong help one get one’s way better than the one who is na├»ve?

Bear in mind,
I do know that minds are made
Minds are broken
Minds are strong
Minds are weak
Minds accomplish
Minds destroy

Mind your manners
Never mind
Don’t mind me, bear in mind,
Remind me…what am I on about?

Monday, October 13, 2008

What the Malawi National Football team's victory means and BSU Bronco's win AGAIN!!

In other happy news: Boise State Bronco's won (never forget I may be African but I'm still a BUCKAROO!)


Now interesting fact for those that love collecting facts, BSU has the only blue turf in the US and indeed the world over. We got some green turf over in Blantyre here in Malawi where we won the crucial soccer game but alas! I suppose the whole world has green... (I still love it, Go Blantyre). Broncos beat Southern Mississippi 24-7. They're ranked No. 15 in polls for the nation (USA)Broncos have played 5 games. 7 more to go. Go Broncos!

Back to Malawi, thanks to Frederick Bvalani, the Buckaroo stands corrected. Here is the correct info on what the Flames' victory means:

frederick bvalani said...
Thandi, Malawi hasn't yet qualified. It is just one of the 20 teams that have progressed to the next stage.

The 20 teams will be grouped in groups of 4 teams each. The group winners will qualify for the World Cup and the top 3 teams will qualify for Africa Cup of Nations. One team in each group will go home.

The draw for the groups will take place on Oct 22. The games will be played next year.

Sources: Melomaxy, pix:<

Gr8 weekend for Malawi!!

Two Firsts for Malawi. Malawi had two firsts this weekend:

#1. The Malawi Football national team qualified for the first time ever in the Africa Nations Cup, or so I hear,

and #2. Malawi’s Big Brother Africa representative, Hazel Warren is the first Malawian housemate to ever survive a nomination for eviction. On second thought, Zein might have been nominated alongside Bruna in BBA1. Ah forget it! It’s still great that with that much competition Hazel survived.

Congratulations Malawi! Way to go on the international arena!
Malawi woyee!! Kinnah woyee!! Inenso woyee!!
Story below:

----Blantyre, Malawi - Malawi's less-fancied national football team, the Flames, scored twice to reverse a first-half goal deficit and send the much-fancied DR Congo out of the Africa Cup of Nations in an explosive match played at a packed Kamuzu Stadium in Malawi's commercial capital, Blantyre.

Twenty-year-year-old Chiukepo Msowoya's 80th-minute goal means Malawi now has the best chance in over 20 years to participate in Africa's highest-level football tournament, the Africa Cup of Nations, scheduled for Angola in 2010.

Lomana Tresor Lua Lua put the visitors ahead after only 12 minutes, but Malawi turned the game around in the second half when coach Kinnah Phiri made a tactical switch by replacing winger Joseph Kamwendo with the goal scorer.

The change paid dividends with Malawi putting pressure on the visitors, and the equaliser came in the 65th minute through Robert Ng'ambi.

The goal revived the 60,000 fans who were in low spirit following the first-half goal and they were later thrown into wild celebration when Msowoya scored the winner.

Blantyre - 11/10/2008


Thursday, October 9, 2008

Making Good on a Promise

The Buckaroo made good on the promise to find out more about the little old lady that showed up on our doorstep, yes, the one with the Cape accent in the last entry. It turns out she IS from the Cape in South Africa. Hers is a grim story.

Years ago she was married to a Malawian pilot who brought her here to live. Her husband died in an accident later on and, I can’t believe people do this but, yes, her in-laws came after all the property she owned with her husband. She became a destitute. She decided she was going to continue to live here for the sake of her children. Now all her children are grown but one of them died leaving behind 3 orphans. She now has to work (and she’s clearly a senior citizen) to support these children and herself. She's too old to work full-time for my friend so she works once a week for her and once a week for one of the neighbors. I don't know is she works anywhere else. She lives just outside of Lilongwe City in a high-density peri-urban location. She rents a home but she's just acquired land to build a house (good for her!)

My friend narrated the story and a sad rhetorical question I remember is: “She’s looking after orphans, shouldn’t she be the one to be looked after [by her own children].”

I note 3 social problems in her story and I’m sure there are many more if I dare look hard enough:

1. Property grabbing
2. Inadequate public welfare for the eldery
3. Lack of family support for the eldery (children not looking after aging parents well enough)

I don’t know what I’ll do personally to help her out, what would you do??

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Reverse Xenophobia

I got a fright this morning when I thought I had woken up in South Africa (Mzansi)! I now live in a new part of town with a friend and my friend was happily entering the new day in another part of the house when I heard a knock. I assumed it was one of the people employed by my friend, I opened the door and found this little old lady on the door step. she is black so I spoke to her in Chichewa.

She responded in a strangely familiar English accent, it took me back to the time I lived in Swaziland and watched TV 1 (now SABC 3 or something or other). Now for those of you who don't know what TV 1 is, before Mandela's time, TV 1 was the channel in South Africa you watched if you wanted to watch the shows that appealed to Afrikaans-speaking South Africans. I picked up a few Afrikaans words and phrases thanks to that channel in those days like "Goeie more Suid Afrika!" just before the morning news and "Ja" and "Asseblief" etc. The English accents that were on there, correct me if I'm wrong, were Cape English.

This old lady on our door step was speaking Cape English. Now what was a little old lady with a Cape accent doing on our doorstep?

"I worrk here." She said to me, "My naam is Evelynn. Didn't the madam tell you that alrready? I come here on Thurrsdays." I recalled my friend telling me that, with relief, I opened the door a little wider and let her in. I asked her where she lived,
"I live in Kauma, but not the actual Kauma, that side called DURRBAN!!"

No alarm there, there IS a Durban section in Kauma. We chatted a little and I left for work. In the street another lady was pushing a stroller, chatting up a toddler in accented English, I didn't need to pinch myself, familiar Lilongwe came into view just then. I'm still in Malawi. Wouldn't it be scary to wake up a foreigner? Don't get me wrong, I love South Africa, just didn't want it to creep up on my doorstep while I slept. I've made a mental note to ask my friend about Evelyn. In the meanwhile, South Africa, I got nothing but love for you, say NO to Xenophobia!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Dollar Dollar Bill Y'All

According to AP News, "Washington's financial bailout plan is now law." Recovery is on the way but it's time to this Global Village idea ideal? When America has a shake up in their economy, we all have a shake-up in our economy. And some are so keen, this past week some stood on the figurative roof tops and proclaimed "your end is nigh Africa, the American economy is in recession." Well just because someone gets on a roof top doesn't qualify him to speak intelligently on such matters, it only makes his voice heard by more than a couple people.

I'm not an economist but all I know is that maybe we need to get the chinks out of this Global Village thing so that shake ups in one area of the world don't spell doom for the rest of the world. Wishful thinking? Maybe...

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Quoting Jaime on Vain Games Men Play

Disclaimer: This entry is based on a conversation with a very "young at heart" man. His views may be different from your own. My take on this might change by tomorrow. He might be more vain than regular guys. This is just an insight, nothing's set in stone... Enjoy!

Jaime is a few years younger than me, he doesn’t know it but he’s still young enough to spill the secrets of the trade to the Buckaroo without too much prompting from me. How do I describe Jaime? Apart from being young and successful, he has a way with the ladies, hence the nickname he has borrowed from US star LLCoolJ (Ladies love cool James). So after going through some icky emo-stuff I cornered Jaime with the question, “Why do (grown) men act funny when a woman starts to like them back?”

Following is the, ahem, conversation I had with him:

Buckaroo: So, ayise (friend), tell me, why is it that men act so weird? when a woman a guy has taken his time pursuing does actually begin to fall for him, the guy becomes aloof all of a sudden. What's up with that?

Jaime: (With glee) Well, it’s actually like a game of ball. You start by noticing a woman you like and you know in the back of your mind that she’s not the type that is going to say “yes” to you right away. She has misgivings about you….sometimes those misgivings are validated, like perhaps you are seeing someone else already, or perhaps they are not validated at all like she feels you are they type that would break her heart

Buckaroo: OH-Kay

Jaime: ….but you know, when you see that there’s at least a 50 % chance that she finds you interesting, at the very least, you devise a plan.”

Buckaroo: Wow, it takes that amount of forethought?

Jaime: Definitely, you want to “play ball” just right. So as a guy, you imagine yourself on a court. You have full ball possession depending on how long it takes to woo her. Full ball possession is going to great lengths trying to impress her. She may at times make you feel like an idiot as you “pursue” her but you don’t get shame get to you. You know what you are doing. You say the right things, you spend a lot of time with her, you know, run the whole gamut.

Buckaroo: (with keen interest) Aha!

Jaime: Yeah, then she begins to crack. You answer her every “but Jaime what about this and what about that?” with a sweetly ambiguous answer. You don’t want to make false promises, and you don’t want to lose the trust you’re building . When you get to the point where she’s asking you questions using “but”, you know it’s almost time to change ball possession?

Buckaroo: Say what?

Jaime: (gesturing animatedly) Ball possession. See, once she begins to consider the possibility of a relationship despite the misgivings she has, you know it’s time to throw the ball to her.

Buckaroo: And how does that happen.

Jaime: Lead her to a point where she stops asking all the deep questions. Let her have fun with you, make her feel you, the dude, is doing all the work. Then pass the ball.

Buckaroo: Explain please…

Jaime: You stop calling. She has to hunt you down. You start hanging with your buddies, you become BUSY. She has to decide how she’s gonna play the ball now.

Buckaroo: (Confused) But, but…she’s not aware she has this “ball”

Jaime: That’s where the fun comes in. That’s when she begins to pursue you without her knowing it at first.

Buckaroo: This doesn’t sound right at all!

Jaime: (Snickering) you women give us so much strife it’s only fair that you know what it feels like.

Buckaroo: But why do this to someone you profess to “LIKE”

Jaime: The “liking” doesn’t stop. We still like the girl but want to know how hard she’ll need us. What she’ll do to “win” us back into a mutual ball possession

Buckaroo: People actually do this?

Jaime: Heh, Heh, you didn’t hear it from me

Buckaroo: So, what happens next?

Jaime: If she’s a prideful woman, she expects the man to take the “ball” back no matter what, usually she’ll end up losing the man. Some women choose to take up the ball handling responsibility, we take the back seat and enjoy the ride. We don’t know where the ride will take us, if she plays the game well, maybe the ride takes us to a solid relationship and marriage. Hah hah, who knows……? You know what the say, 'A wise woman builds (a good relationship) with her own hands and destroys it with her own hands." It's all in her hands.

Buckaroo: But that's unfair, if she does all the work, men label such a woman as needy, desperate, all loose

Jaime: She has to take her chances

Buckaroo: But won't you label her that?

Jaime: Depends

Buckaroo: Depends on what?

Jaime: On what measures she uses

Buckaroo: Huh?

Jaime: Huh?

Sick, isn’t it? I think it’s rather childish behavior and spiteful. Does it matter what I think though, someone out there is doing this to some innocent woman as I type. Sadly, Jaime’s words ring true, I have seen it happen so many times but never explained so simply. Thank you Jaime for telling me this, I’m using your words to sober up women who have been, are, or will be engaged, albeit, without knowing it in this ball game of folly. The older bachelors polish this routine up to a shine and it’s hard to detect. Teenagers are brasher. It’s all the same. Even some married men dabble in this routine. Girls, women, Let God alone bring you your man. God won’t bring you an imposter who’ll waste your time and energy, and make your hands all rough playing some sad, sad ball game. Let these types of men waste THEIR time and not yours!