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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Should the Contemporary African take Racists seriously?

Yes and no.  I'll start with the 'no'.  Racial attitudes, slurs, ideologies and actions; when one is on the receiving end are very tedious and sap a lot of energy.  This is because you have to deal with these at various levels, from 'Oh, poor him/her; he doesn't know any better.', to slowly balling your fist counting 1 to 10, etc.  At times it's helpful to rationalise, turn a deaf ear, ignore racist readers' comments online on news sites, avoid certain people, places and gatherings...  I truly believe it is possible to get by in Africa without letting racist sentiments near and far, physical and cyber get to you.

On the other hand  paying attention to these sentiments (within reason) and observing who perpetuate them in various guises and levels of 'innocence' is quite an educational enterprise.  By understanding the 'fear factors' that are the foundation of each and every racist sentiment, belief, action etc. all on the receiving end of racism gain a window into their own qualities that are so feared.   Examples are many and people experience racism in a plethora of ways.  The bottom line is that throughout history, all social organisms founded on hate have consistently failed.  Those who create them have never learned the formula and never will that:

us + them = us + them;
it doesn't add up to much does it? It's like orange + pine apple; the sum will always equal orange + pine apple.
....except we are not oranges and pine apples.

for value (us) and value (them) to arrive at desirable (value X) in our social agenda; (us) and (them) must have a value in common: (human)

so that (us humans) + (them humans) = ((us+them=we) humans)
therefore (we humans) will only arrive at desirable (value X) when (we humans) recognise that only (we humans) are capable of arriving at desirable (value X)

You didn't get it? Don't worry, only (we humans) get it. (us) and (them) don't; they are still fighting over pine apples and oranges!

So help us God.