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Thursday, December 27, 2007

A thorn in the foot

I am collecting pix while I celebrated the Christmas Season in the "Eastern District" i.e. Zomba. I went to the beach with my mom, sis, uncle, cousins. Boating, good food, excellent weather, nice waves, relaxing road trip, great scenery. Pretty fun for Christmas except for one thing, I stepped on a thorn that took two days to remove. don't ask me how a thorn landed up on the beach. And don't ask me why I wasn't wearing footwear. You'll enjoy the pix tho so Happy New Year! See ya in '08!

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Peace and Goodwill from M-dubs!

This time last year I was contemplating my big move from Washington to Idaho. I was really scared. Travelled by road to Boise. Made stops on the way. First one was in Seattle from Bremerton. We stopped in Microsoft Central (forgot the name of that village but man, people are living large on this Earth. no wonder they can't believe anybody can manage to live on next to nothing elsewhere) Nways, we got several movies from Blockbuster and watched them on the dashboard as we drove through the night through Oregon onto and through Idaho to Boise. Neat idea right??

We had several equivalents of Red Bull (really gives you Wiiiiiiiinngsssss!) after breakfast at 3am at Shari's Restaurant in Eugene, no, some other town. I will live to remember Mark and Marla waiting up for us all that time. They both really did stay up to wait for us until the early hours. Good times!

A year later (time really flies) I am blogging from M-dubs (the new cool name for good ol' Malawi). Where will I be next year. Only He knows. Hallelujah!

*image from

Never judge a book....

I was a firm believer in myself, that I am a very good judge of character. Well, I think once you hit 25 you realize people were just being nice to you before. Folks generally give you a 25 year grace period, then the drama starts.

I was both pleasantly surprised and sadly disappointed (LOL) lately. People I had crossed off as, well, sorry to say, losers, turned out to be human, just like everybody else. And those I had created fantastical ideas of, turned out to be human, just like everybody else.

Nothing surprising with this all though, after all, I am human too, like everybody else. I praise God for my salvation and the salvation of all those I know are saved and all those I am praying for for their salvation. Man, humanness all on our own without God leads to madness and sadness.

So, a word to the wise: "the only character you can freely practice being a judge of is yourself, man." never judge a book by the cover, unless you're the book.

Peace and Goodwill to y'all!

Saturday, December 15, 2007

And on Code...

I just saw the "What Big Brother didn't Show you" email. Basically it has pictures of what really went down in the Pent House while Codereen (or Maude) were there. I'm not judging but I'm quite disappointed that as a viewer, Endemol did not respect me enough to show me the whole picture. I feel like an ignorant fan ignorantly supporting what I shouldn't have. No judging intended to Codereen (or Maude) I just hope that the two of you plus the whole Big Brother team will not self-destruct.
Ending note on this topic, I'll just say: ? ? ?


Melanie is returning to the US next Thursday, after having been here for over a month. We've had quite the experience, good and bad but overall I'm really glad she came. This has been my first time hosting somebody. I'm really glad there is Peace Veronica (that's my other housemate's name) and Grenna's long visits to add variety and spice to her stay in our apartment.

Now, as she returns to the US I've found myself country-sick for the US (as in homesick, except it's not technically my home over there). There is a little cove (or alcove, whatever it's called) at the top of the stairs in our apartment. I spent a good amount of time last night putting up the Stars and Stripes, I have a good sized US flag. I bought a nice shelf just for American souvenirs so I placed all that I could display on there, the BSU bear, starbucks cards, one of my Idaho number plates, a Ten Thousand Villages box, Library cards etc. Oh, that reminds me, where is my Crater Lake little stone? It could be the only lava rock in Area 11.

I've found myself missing the US more and more. I love being home and being busy as I work in Malawi, I only just wonder......

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Good News, at least to me : -) and MUGABE's speech

In Washington I was so excited that I was buying a digital camera that I didn't care which one I was going to buy. I bought a Kodak from Target and then went on to Staples to buy a 512MB mini-disk. Problem, the camera runs on actual batteries. When I was coming to Malawi I went to Walgreens and got a Duracell battery charger with four slots and things were rolling and thanks to that Kodak Camera I have most of the pix on here but sadly I lost my battery charger prior to my move up here. The good news: it was found, in a bureau at my mom's in Zomba so I'm glad I'll be able to post Christmas and New Year's pix on here. I'm looking forward to that.

Now, on Mugabe. After the EU-Africa summit he said, " We know our responsibilities, we don't need to be told about peace and security, and "Does the German chancellor and the other pro-Gordon Brown people really believe they know better than Sadc and the African Union, we have to fight this arrogance." OK now brotherman, words don't mean much to folks out there, let's get down to work here in Africa like the Chinese and Indians are doing and actually prove that we know our responsibilities. Just as Senegalese President Abdoulaye Wade said after the same summit..."The Chinese work everywhere, they don't make speeches, they work fast..."

I wish the best to all African leaders who attended the just-ended EU-Africa summit. Wonderful things were said, now lead us wonderfully.

Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week-end watching kids play ball

There is nothing I enjoy more than watching kids compete. I imagine myself as a scout looking for the next big name in basketball (or soccer etc). On Saturday I went to the ABC gym to watch 13-18 year olds play 2 on 2 basketball. The event was organized by Somebody Cares, an NGO.
I picked out my faves, Arthur the skillful lil' teen whose height may have been the only thing that kept him from the big prize and Miguel. Watching Miguel, I guess I figured out the best way one can play basketball individually or in a team of two- easy: be tall, don't be over-weight, and be in shape. OK, I'll hit the gym soon and when they organize a 2 on 2 event for us older kids, I'ma be there.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

November in @ Ma's in Zomba and the apartment in Lilongwe

November Pix

I will be uploading pix of events in Nov. and the apartment I live in. It was a fun month. My friend Mel is visiting from Boise, Idaho. Also, I moved to Lilongwe from Zomba. Above is our dining area as it looks now. December is discombulated so far, well, anyways. Cheers!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Let's support Steve Constantine

Ok, Steve Constantine is our national soccer team's coach. The newspapers have said all kinds of nasty things against him the latest of which is calling for his resignation over his use of colorful words when he expressed his disappointment over the U-20's performance at the tournament in South Africa. I don't condone the use of colorful language (i.e variations of the following words: *flip*, *bullshiznit* , I should have killed someone by now! etc) btw, thanks Code for giving us these wonderful variations.....Anyway, yeah. I don't like colorful language but I believe this coach has the right coaching spirit.

I am very patriotic but where soccer is concerned, I've had enough with the laxity in our soccer teams and it's about time someone yelled at them because they have costed us time and money as a nation for so long. Tssk Tssk They should have asked me to yell. I herewith call upon the entire body of soccer players to hand in their national color kits. Let them play in blue or something and I suggest there be no longer any so-called national teams until skilled patriotic players are identified. Don't get me started on our players asking for autographs from opposing teams before games start....don't worry, no colorful language from me! I'ma go ahead and type one now to the Sports editor. So there.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

The NY Posting below, please read it!

I really liked browsing through (yes, sadly I'm yet to read thoroughly) the news story on Malawi's bumper harvest that was carried ON THE FRONT PAGE of NY Times on Sunday. The title is "Ending famine by ignoring the experts." There you go, I have always said, there is no expert except the man carrying that hoe, or near to him, or his president, OK you know what I mean.

NY Times, Malawi ending famine by ignoring the experts

Sorry about my last post. It got cut. Oopsie! Here is an article Leo hooked me up with. Ta! Leo

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Pondering on World Aids Day

World Aids Day came on Saturday. I don't own a TV, being new in the city I rely on newspapers from the office and my little radio has gone on vacation so the only way I remembered it was World Aids Day was because my web browser was red. Now when I see red and a picture of an African face on the site I get this "Oh, the spotlight is on us Africans again, Oh,no..." but I have to agree that we have the highest number and for the time being we (Africans) are the reluctant Face of Aids. My only hope is that as the numbers go down here, this ravaging disease will not simply shift continents but will go for good.

I read what a Priest said in Mozambique about AIDS, that HIV/AIDS is a weapon of destruction tailor-made to wipe out Africans and one of the ways it spreads is through the type of condoms brought in from outside Africa which is last time I checked, ALL OF THEM. But, regardless, we are the ones as Africans, that need to stand up and check where WE are going wrong. Enough said. Plus don't get me started on new articles that don't highlight locals who are doing more groundwork but highlight the roles played by that one person who is not local, hello! Whose praise is more important, the people you are caring for or the world media. As long as the people your are caring for and helping avoid HIV infection, you're headed in the right direction!! A big "thank you" to YOU from all of us you don't see. We see you. Keep on keeping on all you HIV/AIDS activistist from Cape to

Friday, November 30, 2007

Lines from Esibayeni Diaries

Sisi from Esibayeni Diaries, sawubona. Kunjani? Me, ngiyaphila. Kantsi you were at St Michaels, mina I was at St. Theresa, so in a way we are kin. Hope you don't mind me posting this below. I really liked it.

There is no oil, if olives are not squeezed...No wine, if grapes are not pressed...No perfume , if flowers are not crushed...Have you felt pressure in life today?Dont worry ... God is just bringing out the best in you!

Thursday, November 29, 2007

Titanic, Pacific Parade

Housem8s and I did another tour of Lilongwe earlier this week. It's amazing what you can find if you look in the right places and make your own opinion. We went to see the house shaped like the Titanic ship out in Area 10, i wish I coulda taken a pic. wonder if the owner would have said yes to his house being posted on the blog. I like asking for permission you know. Anyway, it was really cool. I liked the the house and the owners lodge the "Titanic off-shore Lodge" Very well priced and really dreamy. I LIKE!!
We also went out to Pacific Parade and looked through several shops and restaurants there. I liked The Calabash and Blue Ginger. the grocery store is pretty neat too!

Tuesday, November 27, 2007


Thanksgiving was last Thursday so this post is a little late. Mel and I decided we were too tired to cook anything that night so we decided we were going to eat out. We brain stormed: Steers, Cafe Delight, Chick "o"Rellos. Mel suggested Nandos, and we decided we were going to check out Golden Dragon first and then Nandos because we really didn't want Junk and we were feeling partial to Chinese/portuguese a la Nandos. We found Goldern Dragon closed and Nandos under rennovations...upsetting.
I wanted to take a short-cut to Chick "O"s but ended up on the Area 3 road and remembered that there is a Chinese Restaurant there I had never been to. It's called Emerald and we were pleasantly surprised with their service and food. Impeccable. I commented that we thought we were taking ourselves out but it was actually God taking us out because we ended up at a surprise spot that gave us such a good time. I had sweet and sour, steamed rice, and we got complimentary juicy mango slices. Mel had steamed rice and hot nuts, vegs, and chicken combination, can't remember what it was called. We missed having guys there, tssk tssk. It was a unique Thanksgiving don't you think, no turkey, no football...still fun


Sunday, November 25, 2007

Chez et al...

What a weekend! So "Emilia" is in Lilongwe, add "Veronica", "Monique" and I to the mix...oh, boy! We all had a stressful week and so decided to do something fun on Friday. We had more fun than we bargained for. I'll leave it at that. for further details email me, Heh! Heh!

It really helped to take it easy this week-end, I'm looking forward to the week ahead. It's still warm but at least there is a lot of cloud cover and the sun isn't beating down on us as it did this past week-end. Plus, we had rain showers last night, all 4 of us run out into the rain as soon as we heard it come down. We slept like babies after that.

Thursday, November 22, 2007


I had so much fun uploading pix below of events, people, and things from May 2006- ... the "cross" pic is my favorite of the pix Violette took in Europe. You're good Viol. loved all your other pix too I just love this one most because it so simply centers on Christ! the one where I'm standing in front of kids, I got off my prof's web (tssk, tssk, Thandi!) Trying to give props where there are due. Well, Enjoy!! PS, it's so hot I feel so sleepy....

i promised a bunch of pix

here are pix of people, places and things that God brought into my life (or into my head) this past year and 2006. The Boise ones are in earliear entries. There is more pix to come from Zomba but that will be a little l8a... Enjoy. I guess if you run the cursor over them they'll tell you what they are, I HOPE....

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving and The Shack

It's Thanksgiving. I sent out a bunch of e-cards this morning, still have more to send. I've no real plans but my friend from Boise who is here might have something planned. We'll see what happens and I'll update you.
Anyways, I have been mapping Lilongwe out. Last night, Mel, Henry, and I went and checked out the volleyball games at the Shack. It was pretty nice watching both the game and the crown there. As someone has said, it's Club Azungu. So it was interesting watching the scene and the activities. Socially I am improving, I'm really glad I'm not stuck indoors watching Big Brother all day long. Grenna is coming over and that will be cool too.

Early Christmas Present

I got a wonderful early Christmas present from my friends in Boise. Boise State memorabilia: A genuine Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Bronco Champions T-Shirt with a complete list of all (our) games last season- undefeated and a genuine Boise State bear. Both from The True Blue shop. I was really excited. I'll get pix l8r for the blog but I'm really excited. So here are some pix to go along with is post of my faves from BSU football team, I had my own pix that I took when the team were paraded to the Capitol building in January by I am yet to locate those...BSU, big UP to ya!! This buckaroo will never forget January 1, 2007. And to Binx and family, Thanks a whole big bunch!!

and a salute to you Codie

Thanx for putting Malawi on the map.

Proud of you Malawi Netball QUEENS

There you go!! Ranked #5 world wide, and to say it's their first appearance at the World Cup

Tuesday, November 20, 2007


Here's what's bugging me right now. A lot of people say "yes" to something just to get rid of you, I've done it many times. "Do you want a solar power?" "Oh, yes we do" Six years later, your solar panel is lying idle with enough dust to write "don't clean, seeds planted" while I am using ESCOM power for my house. How do you "develop" me then? You are trying to help me, I'm trying to get you off my back. You know Solar power will make my life easier (read: less expensive) I don't get it. You are coming with your ideas about my life, I have my own ideas about my life, you need my input, you don't think so....Eh, does anyone know what I'm talking about. Perhaps I'm speaking in riddles, someone smart will know what I'm talking about heh heh heh.....

Face Book

After MySpace and Hi5, I thought I had tried it all and wasn't at all interested in getting onto yet ANOTHER social network. Viva invited me to get on FaceBook to look at a pic of hers (I had an idle account) and I must admit, I am quite impressed. FaceBook is secure, easier on your computer's health etc. So I'm worried I'll be hooked now. Alas, any of you out there on my hi5 that are as slow as me and haven't checked out FaceBook yet, COME ON OVER.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Binx and I

Info. about these pix below

pix and all

the pix below are of my first mode of transportation in WA. The bike belonged to Children of the Nations, it was wonderful exercise riding it to and from work. the Pirates are at the Pirates Festival at the Pacific still in WA and then the horses are ambling along the beach STILL in WA. above are some pix from ID: I'm the darkest so it won't be hard to spot me. The one has Binx and I, on whose horse I am atop further down this blog, and then there's the one of Bunko night with the ladies, and the other is with on of my best friends Rhoda. She's from Malawi but lives in AZ and came over to visit me in WA.

Cloudy and Warm

I'm so glad the weather in Lilongwe has changed over the week-end. It's now cloudy, still humid but I don't miss the glare of the sun yet. I did all my laundry so it's good to wear long-sleeves while I wait for the light clothes to dry. Ha, good luck with them drying..... I had a very good week-end. The Presidential Road, the road that leads to State House is behind our apartment, was full of activity on Saturday.

The presidential convoy zoomed in and out of State House, dangnabbit! I didn't count the vehicles, next time...I've watched the convoys in Kamuzu Banda's, Bakili Muluzi's and now Bingu wa Mutharika's time but every time it's like I'm seeing them for the first time. It's pretty much motor cycles, Land Rovers, one Maybach/SUV (or Rolls Royce in Banda's time), an ambulance, an RV and some more cars. I'll count next time and provide a better list. My favorite part of the convoy is the soldiers hanging onto the Land Rovers that are cruising at +80mph!

Another good part of the week was spending it with a new friend, Sika, she's from Seattle and works here in Malawi as a Peace Corp. We watched Seraphim Falls, pretty intense but well directed. Good times.

Well here's a couple more random pix.


Thursday, November 15, 2007

Woza Friday

"Woza Friday" is our local equivalent of TGIF. It's been a very eventful week for me in that I have done more things in the space of one week than I have ever done before. It's all good. Life happens, just good to have fun and enjoy. Any prayer warriors out there, please pray for my younger brother, he's been in serious trouble lately so please lift him up in prayer. The pic adding is slow going but hey, at least two in one day- that's pretty good considering how lazy I can get sometimes...

Here's the buckaroo!

Meet Buckaroo Thandi riding on Binx's "Blobs".

Sunny side up

second week in Lilongwe and it's boiling hot, can't complain much coz this means I can wear all the clothes I bought last summer again. Plus, the rain must be coming pretty soon. What can I say abt being back to the work-life, for starters, doing ministry during the week-end is something I will have to get used to.
Used to say, "I live for the week-ends" but for a while there mid this year every day was a weekend and I can do with being busy now. Lilongwe, it's pretty weird being back on my own without Fiskani and Grenna. I feel like I have to map it out on my own see what my personal taste is. Any suggestions anyone out there? What's The Shack all about? I'll probably try that place first for their volleyball and hanging out.

Friday, November 9, 2007


Well, my first post, it's supposed to be "VAQUEIRO" (sp?) is the root word for Buckaroo....oopsies!


I've moved for the 5th time in 12 months, they say "A rolling stone gathers no moss" well true dat but "it sure does shine" (thanks Leo for that one) I don't intend to roll too much in the future but I'm sure it's gonna be fun whatever comes. I'm in Lilongwe right now, the capital of Malawi. This time last year I had just moved to Bremerton, WA, from Silverdale, WA. Then moved to Boise, ID, Zomba, Malawi now I'm in Lilongwe, whew. Whirlwind yeah. I'll share some of my wisdoms in due course....


Yes, I enjoyed living in the "Wild" West, hence my love for the word "buckaroo". I'll school you, "Buckaroo" is the Spanish root word for the American word Buckaroo. (thanks Wikipedia, I believe you Wikie all the time, after all). I'll put some pics here soon.