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Friday, October 5, 2012

On Being Back in Malawi...

Five years ago I started this blog for one reason and one reason only: to offer a Malawian blog, written by a Malawian who is just a regular world citizen. Not an exotic, strange, different individual...just 'one-of-us'.  Glad to have found many other Malawi blogs by Malawians or Malawiphiles. Glad also that when googling 'Malawi' nowadays it's not just the awful stuff that comes up. But increasingly diverse options.  I should be careful to note that there are plenty of awful things that should be told...but there are also plenty of pretty neat things to tell about Malawi. Speaking very generally, that's what makes us regular world citizens, isn't it?  Knowing that our immediate world isn't all good... and it isn't all bad. 

I left Malawi about a couple of years after I started the blog. I didn't want to leave because I had wanted to make my so-called MARK on my country as a twenty-something. Alas, scholarships come once in a life-time and off I went. Had wanted to return right after studies but sigh, the love of one's life comes once in a life-time so off again I went to Europe. Being back alone (without my better half) for the first time and being back as a researcher 'from abroad' has brought a lot of mixed feelings. Some things have stayed the same and some things, for better or worse, have changed. I have changed. Perhaps, then, the purpose of this blog will change too to reflect all the changes I have gone through.  I might have grasped tonight what direction to take for this blog. Time permitting, an opinion piece on society on a regular basis sounds good.  c u in the next entry :-)