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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why there are flies on kids faces

not to dispute the issue of poverty but come on. in a place where the air is humid, the sun is hot for quite a bit of the year (and yes we do have winter, if we didn't plants wouldn't shed their leaves, rest and bloom again, agh, never mind. Let's agree that there is no summer in the West if the argument stands that by virtue of us not having substantial snow we have no winter: simply put, the West does not have substantial Sun to qualify to have summers). 

Anywho, humidity, heat and sticky porridge/ or fruit de jeur and toddler snot (crying induced): all this and you have a little one whose face is attracting flies.  Just think about it, what would living human facial skin with no festering wounds have that flies would be drawn to appart from the above. Grow up media, the 'fly faces' game is getting tired. cover the causes of WHY after decades of 'newsworthy'  digs why are the flies still there?