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Monday, June 29, 2009

America's loss

PIcture above: Kaka of Brazil after match. 28 June 2009. US 2-3 Brazil

Don't get me wrong,there are many things that I value in the American people, I have friends and family that are colored Red-White-and-Blue. But hey, America winning a soccer cup in 2009, nah, that would have been going too far. I think our fellow planet-people over in the USA have a certain little complex that won't be helped by winning yet another trophy, especially soccer or shall we call it by its proper name, Football.

Just to add, the images I have in my mind of little children playing in mixed-sex teams over in US doesn't seem to match up to the dedication you see in the so-called developing world to the game. I like mixed-sex teams, I actually like playing in soccer and basketball games with both men and women participating but my memories of watching those particular kids were of the 'oh-what-fun-this-little-game-is'. That is why I'll say my congratulations to Brazil.

Like the rest of the confed teams they grow up dreaming of playing on the world stage and it would kinda hurt to see a country which values other sports more as 'real' sports eg. American football and baseball actually winning. Matter of fact I don't even think that many Americans knew there was a confed tournament going on in South Africa. During the world cup, I had to walk like 30 minutes in Washington State to get to a house where I knew people were watching the finals- Italy vs France (remember the head butt),

so yeah, US winning, nah, not to hate but eh, it just don't look right.

... and for that fervent prayer after the victory,one word only fits: Wow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

The Battle of Empires Past: Egypt 1-0 Italy

Ok, Tawaret was actually female but hey, it ties in with the Asterix strip question next to it. Oh, the work of empires....How fascinating to watch (last night) Egypt battle it out with Italy in the Confederations Cup. Descendants of the Egyptian Empire and the Roman Empire. 'Ceasar's men' and 'Pharaoh's men' in 21st Century grand battle of FOOTBALL. Ah, and it was indeed a battle of sheer strength of mind. They seemed evenly matched in as far as physical strength. At the end of the day Pharaoh's men won it.

Oi! can you see the pyramids from the Appian Way? No? Hike up that toga praetexta and climb up the stairs outside the temple. you see them. Mmmm, I'm being a meanie now! LOL.....For the Luv of the game!

Monday, June 15, 2009

21 year old Malawian FEMALE Wonders: Part 1

As promised; I have finally sat down to blog about female Malawians who are blazing a trail for the younger generation to follow. A good place to start is 21 year olds, they are the unsung hero's after all; they do all the donkey work and make us grown folks look good. Tru.

Natasha Taumbe

Age: 21

Current Area of Occupation: Health

Location: Central Malawi

Training: Malawi, Germany

Work Assignments thus far: Malawi, Germany, South Africa

Has her own blog: You betcha:

Challenging Role: Natasha's work involves integrating traditional healers into Malawi's health care system by facilitating support, training and other things my brain is too small to comprehend so that their work complements that of the government in regards to health. I have my own personal bones to pick with traditional healers (pun intended); So Natasha, whatchu gon' do about my issues with them folks?

Milestones: Among other things: participated in the translation of those HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention booklet series; now don't get me started but the alternative to promiscuity therein is effective but highly controversial, wouldn't you say?

Final Word: Ah, Natasha, Thank you for offering up the challenges strategy-wise that face the Malawian in the 21 Century! Now it's up to us theologians to come up with theologies concerning those topics eh?

pic:, bust of african woman: 1851 Charles-Henri-Joseph-Cordier

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Smart idea, that

My sister from the land formerly known as Northern Rhodesia took me to the movies recently to watch X-Men Origins: Wolverine. I was more of the idea of watching Angels and Demons to which she gave much opposition; I'm not a fan of Dan Brown either but have read the book and wanted to see what they did with all those dramatic (and I'm sure very graphic) scenes- think death by the elements!

Anywho, back to the issue at hand; I was quite pleased to learn (and only after the movie) that the director of X-Men Origins: Wolverine is Mzansi's own Gavin Hood. This is his second movie that I've watched, Tsotsi was the first,and now this one - I quite liked it. And it's a smart idea, when the world begins to utilise the talented directors on the international landscape, we can expect good things. Not only that, I guess many Mzansi-ans will pitch up at the theatres to show support, more money for the X-men franchise. Is this the good side of globalisation? hmmmm....

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Tremble in Fear

Last night I forgot a pouch on a public bus. It had my camera, my cell phone and my memory stick. Think contact numbers, think memories captured on camera, think software and hardware... The pouch had my lip balms too but those were not of as great a concern. This morning, here they are staring at me. I will not be as silly as to think it's just my good luck or naive enough to claim that the passengers on the bus/the staff were exceptionally good people, perhaps they are but I will never know that for sure.

Thank you God for making it possible that I have my things back with me. Thank you for showing me that YOU are God. May Your Name be Praised, and not just because You have done this, but because YOU are God.

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

My Brother's Keeper

It all started with Cain

It all ended for Abel

The Cains are there,
to hate
to be malicious
to kill

Where will you run to Abel?
A victim of judgment, misunderstanding envy
and why?
Anything and everything
Your colour
your race
your religion
your food
your You
Cain won't let you be

Cain died too
Cain lives
he changes
becomes an Abel
and Abel
changes too
and becomes a Cain
and so the cycle goes on

and all the 'isms'

and all the 'phobias'

It all started with Cain
It all ended for Abel

One sweet day,
something new started with Jesus
in a manger

One sad day,
and it all ended for Him
on a battered cross
or so they thought

through Jesus
every day
A Cain CAN become an Abel
An Abel
CAN becomes a better Abel
learns to forgive a Cain
has been availed

One day
Cain won't be
the Cain we have known
for one day
Justice, Peace and love
shall reigh

Come Lord Jesus.