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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Prophets of Doom

image from doomonger

Uncanny! There is something I've noticed about our Malawian culture, this thing I've noticed is bad, bad enough that I am evening blogging about it. Normally I leave all the negative comment-making to foreigners who live here or have lived here or are yet to live here. This though is an inside thing so Malawians, let me have your ears. I'll start with an example: In the past month we’ve had the Big Brother show beaming on TV’s across the continent. It IS the biggest show on Earth. 12 countries sent in representatives as housemates, 6 men, 6 women. Now, the buckaroo, not being blessed with her own TV and let alone Digital Satellite TV decoder, has been making stops over to friends’ homes where a bunch of people will gather to watch the highlights of the show, mainly the launch, the eviction shows, and the nomination shows. These shows fall on Sundays and Mondays, respectively.

With no exception, there will always be at least one member of the viewing audience who will say, “Ah, our Malawian will not make it (to the finals).” When I ask why, the response is usually something like, “When did a Malawian ever make it to the finals?” This is then followed by a narrative of our Malawian housemate’s (Hazel Warren) character, personality, and appearance flaws. Not much attention is paid to the flaws of most anybody else in the Big Brother House, after all, by virtue of them being non-Malawians, some deem them worthy of the $100,000 prize.

Upon further probing, I realize with each passing week that it’s not only my cronies but even the media and the general viewing populace that “they are all better than we are”? Why is this, why do we have such low self-esteem when we have to compete on the international arena? It seems to me that for most people, prophesying doom (for Malawian competitors) is the soft cushion that cushions us from disappointment and shame. If someone says, “Hazel is such a bore. She won’t make it.” When she does not make it they’ll be proud to say, “I told you so, I just knew it.”

Goodness me, then. What will the next generation be? I am not saying I am a Hazel fan, remember I don’t own a TV, but by virtue of the fact that she is a Malawian, there is no need for me to suffer in silence as I listen to what I hear said about our soccer team, our netball teams, our boxers, our musicians, all the negatives….where will that take our nation, I fear other countries are beginning to notice…

Stand up Malawians and be noticed. Our president is giving us an example, 2 int'l awards in 2 months, can't beat that, at least so far over here. We CAN make it, we just have to want to...

Monday, September 22, 2008

Kgalema Motlanthe, the New South African President

For all my love for Africa, I will confess, I have never heard of Kgalema Motlanthe until today. Now that he's president, I have homework to do, who is this man? I'm sorry Thabo, I hoped you'd finish successfully brokering the power-sharing deal in Zimbabwe.... Changes, changes, but anyway, congratulations Mzansi (South Africa)for a peaceful transition of power.

Here is the article as written by AFP:

South Africa names new president

"South Africa's ruling African National Congress (ANC) has named the deputy head of the party, Kgalema Motlanthe as the country's new president.

Mr Mothlanthe will serve as acting president until April next year when fresh elections are held.

He replaces Thabo Mbeki who resigned this morning after being forced out by supporters of his rival Jacob Zuma.

"Motlanthe will be the president, not interim, he will be the president of the republic until the election," spokesman for the ANC parliamentary caucus KK Khumalo said after a meeting between the party and lawmakers.

Mr Motlanthe was elected party deputy president at a crunch ANC conference in December last year, which was when Mr Zuma toppled Mr Mbeki from his position as party chief.

According to the South African constitution, parliament elects the president from among its members, dominated by the ANC since 1994.

Motlanthe was only recently appointed to parliament as minister in the presidency charged with smoothing the transition from one administration to the next.

Mr Mbeki was called to resign after suggestions by a judge that his Government had interfered in a corruption prosecution against his arch rival Mr Zuma, which was thrown out of court over a week ago.

Mr Mbeki denied any such interference in a broadcast to the nation on Sunday."


Anonymous Response to VRPRA's Entry

Dear Thandi,
Actually, I don't agree with you. Your VRPRAs are basically friends. We all have friends for a reason.
One of those reasons is to give us advice. When you're in a relationship or like a guy its hard to see
the forest through the trees. Our judgement gets clouded by our emotions and logic goes out the window.
Like you once said yourself, no matter how many degrees one has hormones are not logical. When we're
dealing with men, we're dealing with hormones not logic. At such times we need our
friends who don't have the problem of dealing with hormones when it comes to that guy to give us advice.
Everyone woman needs a true friend who can give her proper advice and help her take the blinders off. Even
the most wise woman wears blinders when it comes to a man she likes. The problem is that we sometimes go
shopping for friends who will tell us what we want to hear and not what we know we should hear. We search for
friends who will help suppress the voice of reason, instead of those who will help bring it out.
Yes, God's will is what matters and we need to hear His word. But how many times in the Bible did God speak through people?
That's what our friends are there for and if we're truly honest we can all identify the one friend who can speak the
word of God into our lives concerning our relationships. The problem is that is usually that's the friend we avoid. Personally
I'm all for friendly advice and I'll enhance that through prayer. I'm not going to seek out the reason suppressors. I'm going to
seek out Godly friends. Most importantly, I'm not going to go through life pretending I know it all and don't need my girls.
True girlfriends are the ones who identify the loosers as well as the keepers. True girlfriends will tell you to your
face that there is no such thing as a perfect man, but the one you have is sure close to perfect for you.

Yours Truly,

Miss Anonymous

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Volunteer Relationship Psychologists and Relationship Analysts

Disclaimer: This is not targeted at any of my friends, it’s an inspiration I got over time going through different encounters with various friends, not one particular one. Some of them my own personal issues. It’s meant it inspire into action not to belittle anyone or anything else negative. If anyone is offended of my friends, all I can say is GIRL YOU GOT ISSUES!! GET OVER YOURSELF HA HA HA!!

Every once in a while a young lady wants to get married. To get there one needs to have a man in her life that she knows will propose and she’ll be more than happy to say yes. Now the potent combination that Q presented in one of his poems at Umunthu comes into effect to derail some women, i.e. upbringing, Hollywood, and lust. I’ll add one more, the plethora of , I’ll call them , “Volunteer Relationship Psychologists and Relationship Analysts” AKA VRPRA’s. I will make my own confession. I have been a VRPRA myself and I have sought the counsel of sundry VRPRA. Generally VRPRA’s don’t sign up to be VRPRA’s it’s just one of those things that come with the territory. I have grown very weary of it all that now I have retired, happily. Girl, if you got a problem with your man, maybe try pointing the finger at yourself, if you are blameless, ask him, if he’s blameless, ask God for wisdom. Tell you what, if a marriage is between 3, that is God, man , and woman, then let the three sort it out. Same goes for a good and healthy boyfriend/girlfriend relationship.

Why am I rambling over this? In all these years I’ve been your regular approval seeker when it comes to relationships, approval seekers are almost always VRPRA’s and they tend to congregate with VRPRA’s and here has been the common scenario: Guy likes you, you like guy. You appoint yourself VRPRA. You psycho-analyze the dude. You seek out VRPRA’s amongst your friends. They psycho-analyze the dude. You ALL psycho-analyze. You psycho-analyze some more. You find the flaws you’re hunting for. THEN panic with the “he’s so great but he’s not all of these things we want (how did the “we” get in it anyway?) .” You start to dislike the guy. You lose the guy. You feel miserable. Well, it’s time to get over it if we do profess to be a Christian women in the waiting. God is the first counsel, what does His Word say, it’s where we find HIS wisdom, free of charge. In His wisdom if He should send His daughters who are praying for a godly husband genuine VRPRA’s then may it be so. But no more seeking them out.

Sonrise at Umunthu Theater

I went to attend Q Malewezi's recital that I blogged about. It was held at the Umunthu Theater in the heart of Lilongwe. It was great, it reminds me of my childhood when I was told that poetry was good and not boring. Growing up poems take the backseat, music and movies offer more instant gratification but this way of storytelling - Poetry - remains so beautiful.

Congratulations to Q for an excellent presentation and ahem, I love freebies, can I negotiate a free "iPoetry" t-shirt from ya?

There will be a "Poetically Correct"event once a month (which I believe will be open-mic and hosted by Q) at Umunthu Theater. Check out Umunthu at for more info on them. and Q's website, and for info on his magazine.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Philly Eagles, Dang Terrell Owens!

I'm entitled to a pick of three football teams having lived for at least more than a couple months in three States. So between the Seahawks, Denver Broncos (Idaho shares with Colorado in Football), and the Eagles, I've always been for the Philly Eagles. Of course in College football I'm down for Boise State Broncos all the way, still have the orange and blue on my mind... Anywho, I'm quite ticked off that TO (or Terrell Owens) my former favorite player back in the day when he played for the Eagles was yesterday up there in his current team, Cowboys, playing a part in defeating our Eagles. I mean I'm happy for your career and all but hey, that stinks!!

Cowboys 41, Eagles 37

Tha Gosple

Congratulations to Aubrey Mvula aka Tha Gosple for his first album! I won't hate, I appreciate... Gosple, dude, you was a kid, knee high to a grasshopper when I first saw u in them baggy basketball shorts shooting hoops at ABC. Now look at you! Proud of you dude. Wishing you the best in your music career, and you is a chartered accountant too? No way! that's what's up!!! Umm, HALLELUJAH!!
Check out Tha Gosple's mad rhymes @ his blog:
Write & Rights

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Of Zain and TNM

I got wise and got a TNM card. Got so excited when they introduced the free calls after 11 PM and then got excited again when my usual cell line, Zain, changed the easy talk time from 6pm to 6am to from 9pm to 9am. Who doesn't want to use their bonus airtime in the morning on their way to work. Smart.
A few days ago, TNM gave us the free texting time from 12pm to 10 PM, just for that day. So I crossed the floor again to TNM, just for that day. I usually keep my TNM card on standby for such exciting times, so Zain, you know I'm ur girl. Wow, am I beginning to love capitalism? Can't help but enjoy watching these cellular networks try to outdo each other, now MTL has come up with a cell phone, so now you can walk around with your land line, shah! it'll only get better...

pix: Zain and Old School TNM (no copyright granted to me, don't arrest me-O)

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Qabaniso "Q" Malawezi presents "Sonrise"

This is so exciting, a few years ago there was a blackout in Lilongwe, a literal one and to save on candles, my then housemate and I decided to vacate our home and spend the dark hours at a neighbors, well, only until the power came back. There was an interesting mix of people there, people that have since grown to pleasantly surprise: one of them being Qabaniso “Q” Malewezi. Q, on that dark night when there was no power introduced himself to us and told us he had just returned from England and his vision was to promote indigenous music here. He was skinny and brought a drum with him. I was like, “OK, Good Luck Ohn.” Lesson 1: never underestimate nobody (sorry Grammar teacher but I just couldn’t resist Ebonics….)

Now that skinny, drum-carrying man is the brains behind Abstrak Beatz Entertainment that brings us among other modes of quality entertainment, the Abstrak Beatz Entertainmet magazine. It’s a modern, informative, creative, and entertaining youth mag, and it’s FREE! Bottom line, here’s a Malawian using his creativity to bring across his unique messages that are relevant to our society and beyond not only through song or writing but…even using the ABSTRACT….

Q will be making an exclusive performance of selected pieces from his compilation called “Sonrise”. Let’s all (those who’ll be in Lilongwe on September 18) be there to show our support and learn something.

Here is some info on Q.

Qabaniso Malewezi better known as ‘Q’ was born on 7th September 1979 in Lilongwe, Malawi. Passionate about performing arts, he was accepted into the prestigious Liverpool Institute for Performing Arts (LIPA) whose patron is Sir Paul McCartney. Q’s acceptance into the institute was a historical mark because he was the first African to ever be accepted. After LIPA he went on to the Academy of Contemporary Music (ACM). Although most of his training has been in music, Q has always been a poet and a writer at heart. His vivid writing style is full of life, vibrancy, rhythm and imagination as echoed in his self described ‘I will not tell you, I will show you’ approach to writing. As a performer, Q has the ability to capture and relate to any audience invoking a range of emotions through his heartfelt performances laced with slight doses of humorous undertones.

And go ahead and check out and for updates, info. etc.