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Monday, April 27, 2009

Mmm mmm good (oops sorry Campbell soup didn't mean to steal ur creativity....

....but don't this look mmm mmm good? Well I couldn't make this picture much bigger without distorting it but I suppose that clicking on it opens it up to a larger view. I'm sold out for 3 of the dishes the fourth, i'm still a bit iffy about. Clockwise from top right: nsima, kapenta stew(the dish i'm a bit iffy about), cabbage, and masamba otendera.

Nsima: Nsima is purely maize meal and water, simmered and cooked to the right consistency. Some hate it, some of it love it for the fact that it has no taste of its own so u can eat it with pretty much anything and be full, hits the spot!

Kapenta stew: tiny fish, must be about 2" at their full-grown length. The little beady eyes freak me out. When I MUST eat them, I avoid the head (OK, that's more detail than anyone needed).

Cabbage: fried in onions, tomato and seasoning, ahh, yum. Buckaroo style? cabbage stew, bean stew and nsima, now THAT hits the spot!

Masamba otendera: Garden leafy green veggies, slightly boiled, then fried with onions, tomato and ground peanut sause. I wonder what genius invented this...:-)

pic: Kwathu Family Resort, Nkhata Bay, Malawi. (Visit them @:

Monday, April 20, 2009

Ode to Kabula City

Can my love for Kabula, so different from my love for Zomba (paTexas) be aptly described? If so, let it be proved:

Kodi iwe Kabula
paja ati ndiwe Blantyre tsopano
Ah, iwe Kabula!
Ndimakumbuka ndili mwana
kundiwopsyeza ati
"Iwe ukapanda ku kwecha nkhali siwu pita nawo ku Blantyre."
Inetu nthawi yomweyo ku kwecha nkhali mpaka nkhali kubowoka

Ah, Kabula
kodi ndi zowona?
Kuti nthawi imeneyo anthu otchena onse ama shopa ma georgette kumeneko?
Panalinso ma shati aja onyezimila thwani thwani, ati Viscose
amapezeka kumeneko mu shopu ija ya ku Joni inathyoledwa ija?

Ine ndimakumbuka
kumvera pa Radio MBC, 'broadcasting from Blantyre'
nyimbo ya "zinabwera mochedwa inu a Phiri"
kodi ndi nyimbo imene ija anatchulamo
Delamere House kuti ndi nyumba yokwera pa mwamba pa inzake
zosowatu izo

Nanga ma red star
a city ovala za orange
6 July
ma fana a ku Dharap
atsikana a pa Our Lady
Amwenye a ku Mpingwe
ma Double Decker
ku Zoo ndi ku Museum

Iyayi ife kunali ku silira
moyo wa ntauni monga muja anayimbira Peter Pine monga mwa dzina lake nthawi imeneyo
Tinakhalako mochedwa
cha mu Chiwembe ndi mu Nkhumbemu
koma sizinali chimodzi modzi
double decker inali kunka kumapeto
timakwela ya Mbayani, ya Chileka ndi ya Lunzu popita ku Nkhumbe
ya Highway, popita ku Chiwembe
Kondodo nd PTC ati kuyiphatikiza limodzi pansi phiii
kaya nkutulukila achina Peoples
kenaka kanyama kaja ati Shoprite
kuchokela komwe ku Joni
ayi sizinali chimodzi modzi

Pano ati ndinu a Blantyre
u Kabula uja umakuyanjani
koma zija ndizakale
pana tiyende nawo mu Highway
popita ku Game
ana aku Poly nangatu a poyila
a panga bwanji chipolowe Highway m'mene ikuwopsyera
kayatu kaya
tizawona nawo turf,
kumeneko ku Blantyre.....

end of Part One.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Pic says it all

UEFA Here we come

(and this is an African speaking, Ok that's a paradox. Hence club football is a global phenomenon and Man U. is THE people's team!!!)

The pic says it all

Manchester United 1-0 FC Porto

....and Ronny you had to humiliate folks in your own country, shame....psych naaaaaah! A game is a game!!!!



Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thank You Chelsea

Nothing personal against Liverpool, it's just that that humiliation a few weeks ago was too much for me. I'm a Man U fan and a 4-1 loss was just too much. I applaud Liverpool for playing their hearts out in both the Premier and Champions League. It's now time to thank Chelsea for a job well done. 7-5 victory over Liverpool on aggregate...I'm truly happy to see the back of them in the Champions league.

Zimatele zimatele, bwenzi zikoma.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

The Prisoner Within These Walls

You've never been in there, the four walls made of concrete, stone, brick, wood, mud...
The key only meets the oustide key hole
but you too are a prisoner
how do I know?
I am too

When I look on as people suffer
I am a prisoner of false freedom
and you, when you give consent so that your earthly trappings are secure
are a prisoner too, of affluence

they sleep side by side on a cold surface, made of concrete, stone, wood, cloth, straw and metal
The sun only kisses the outside of their wall
don't turn away, you too are a prisoner
how do I know?
I am too

When I don't question the status quo
and say, 'that's how it has always been.
that's what works'
I am a prisoner of self-inflicted blindness, I don't want to see
and you, when you give consent so that your own country is blessed and prospers
are a prisoner too of national pride

national pride

They sleep side by side
wait for the sound of the key
the kiss of the sun
and these six things
but all you and I can do is
be prisoners too
trapped by self
and these six things

who will free them?
who will free me?
who will free you?

pix: UNODC

Liverpool 1-3 Chelsea: Now that's what I'm talking about

Thank you Chelsea for meting out vengeance on Liverpool. Hawu, angithi they humiliated the Red D's like no man's business. Hah, well, i won't be a meanie and gloat, but hey, it feels good to see JUSTICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zimatele! Zimatele! Bwenzi Zikoma!

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

G-Mobile and our Versatile Tay-Grin

Beyond Nyau-unit, (I have my 2 ¢ on that but I will save that for another day) and his music, this man Limbani Kalilani AKA Tay Grin is setting the pace for a new generation of versatile Malawians by being part of the leadership of the third mobile company in Malawi: G-Mobile.

It seems gone are the days when families sat around the table and parents asked the children, "what do you want to be when you grow up?" To the "correct" responses such as "I wanna be a lawyer, a doctor, a pilot", parents invested everything they had to make that dream come true- and, ahem, made sure you stuck to that profession if they had anything to do with it. If on the other hand, the response was something like, "ah, I wanna be an artist or a sports professional" the parents ably took up the challenge to drum it into your head that, "Honey, you could do that ofcourse, ASIDE from a real job, you know, like working in an office like a manager. Don't you want to be a manager honey, or a pilot, or a"

In the end the majority of the generation of M-dub kids born in the 70's and 80's grew up thinking arts and sport are "hobbies" that one can't make a substantial living from. Reading today about Tay Grin and G-Mobile, I begin to think of the likes of Dumisani Kapanga, a student/radio personality/online entrepreneur combo or Aubrey Mvula AKA Tha Gosple the chartered accountant/Christian rap artist/quasi evangelist or even Qabaniso Malewezi AKA Q, the poet/Abstrack Beatz Director/producer...the list is long (and women don't worry, to be clear, I know the list of reps from our gender is long also and I'm not hating on us by using only males as examples-O, we are making our mark as well).

Yeah, it's a happy day to see such a dawning in Malawi where the question of personal skills and talents and gifts can be expressed outside of the box shown us when we were young, after all, THERE IS NO BOX. I wonder then what is was that they showed us, a uni-dimensional square they thought was a box........

G-Mobile vice-chairperson Limbani Kalilani promises first class telecommunication services in Malawi saying his company, which is expected to invest US$40 million (about K1.6 billion) within the first five years of operations, will bring more advanced technologies in the system.

“We will be introducing the first ever hybrid network in Malawi. We want [mobile] services in the country to match the best in Africa,” said Kalilani.

As disclosed by Kalilani, the company is expected to provide about 900 jobs to Malawians, in addition to reaching the rural masses by providing facilities which will “facilitate easy access to telecommunications services.”

excerpt from Nyasa Times; pix: stolen from Tay Grin
P.S. Now if some external imperialist devises in his head a plan to use this development for self-seeking capitalistic gain at the expense of any Malawian rich or poor, I won't hesitate to slap ya upside the head, for real.