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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Found a Qoute on the 'Negro Diseases'

In my last post I talked about the diseases black people are supposed to be having that make it dangerous to live with us...I couldn't believe people believe this sort of thing BUT I heard the same exact line in the new movie 'The Help' this morning too!

The movie is set in back-in-the-day-Mississippi and guess what? the woman who made this statement in Malawi was born back in the day in the US and her husband is from MISSISSIPPI!  Something went seriously wrong in Mississippi at some point and I know I'm not going there any day soon, thank goodness......

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

I'm not a weapon of mass destruction

Long time no see, that must mean something good...that I'm busy again and back in the swing of things.  And I write again from a healthier mind, not rushing from one task to another!  This is good because now I can handle well the delicate discovery I made a few seconds ago, that according to a certain Mrs. Fern,  living in the same house with folks from my Stan can wipe out a whole race from another continent.

Apparently, the memo was not passed on to my Greek and Taiwanese housemates, oh well!

I think I would feel like the girl above if I ever met that Mrs. Fern ever again! (pic sourced from the web).