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Wednesday, January 30, 2008

African Nations cup in pix

These are my favorite pix from African Nations Cup. Let it be known that I'm rooting for Egypt. Go Egypt!!

Shall I mention that i challenged a 12 year old to an X-Box soccer match. needless to say, my love for the sport does not automatically qualify me to win. I was wooped 9-3.

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Africa Nations Cup

I am plenty proud of the goings on at the Africa Nations Cup aka MTN CAN. I daresay it's the biggest tournament on any one continent, 50 + countries tuned in to the games. I am still undergoing my humble beginnnings in Lilongwe and don't own a Tv, yet too proud to go around to the neighbours to watch it and no ride to fancy game-watching spots in town so I listen to the games on the radio and wait till morning for the papers to see the action pics of Eto'o, Drogba, Zuma and all them players. Ah, that's the life. Me love soccer. Hope Malawi can get in to the action some day.

Monday, January 21, 2008

Restful time

I feel like I'm in a "rest only" zone. I haven't been able to follow the news much lately, and haven't done all the fun stuff I could do. I'm loving the zone though, too bad I can't blog much exciting stuff right now zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz.................................

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

And we chose Peoples Republic of China, My rambling over the matter.....


So Malawi has decided to kick Taiwan out and bring China in. I hope this won't come back to haunt us. I mean, I'm not being superstitious but when you have an ally for more than 40 years and then "humiliate" (to quote the words of the Taiwanese embassy here) them for the sake of their rival.
Two words for us, "oh, no!" Does money have anything to do with this, search me?

Seriously though, inasmuch as I look forward to Nsanje being a city and I personally look forward to floating on the Shire one day (Mainland China is offering aid to build the Shire-Zambezi waterway that will open us up to the world)...I am a bit skeptical of strangers bearing gifts.

I'm not being sucker for aid-driven alliances, but just my 2 cents: Taiwan has over the years built among many things; the largest hospital in the North (and don't get me started on hospitals- Libya is building one in Blantyre and they were sent packing recently also so I guess it's not a pre-requisite blah...bla... blah), they've built the Chinese garden, the fertilizer making company, and for me, a personal favorite, the new parliament building under construction.

This is all on the surface ofcourse, the underlying relationship, I believe is what has counted most over the years and I believed the most important thing should have been, how can a tiny state, facing all the odds, come up on top? I think that's what Taiwan was trying to model to us, and Swaziland, etc, but I guess in World Economics, the biggest guy wins, after all, he has the most toys. Do I hate Mainland China, no, but I hate the way they put us in a corner where we had to chose either them or Taiwan. That sux for me, that we didn't do the extra-ordinary and go for the under-dog....
As a Theologian let me remind you, when rooting in a battle btwn David and Goliath, root for David...

Sunday, January 13, 2008

Perpetual Sugar High

I must be the most ignorant person. I love my sugar, in my tea, in my coffee, in my cereal, in my everything. Ofcourse I know I have to look out for my teeth but what does the LIME do to you. You know I actually never knew until about a year ago that since sugar is meant to be brown naturally, lime is added to it to make it white. Now what does the lime do to you? D-oh! Google is on the next page.

OOOOooooohhhh Nooooo!

Ok, this first part of the post is overdue, by at least two weeks but I still want to mention it for those of you who missed it. The 2007 edition of Malawi Pop Music Star, (formerly known as E-Wallet) ended on January 31. I only made it to one show but followed the proceedings in the papers and on TVM. The winner was a very deserving 24 year old Kenneth Kabwila. I was more than impressed with him and wish him all the best as he tries for Idols Africa. I was very impressed with most of the contestants, I used to believe that the only Malawians who can sing very well are those in Praise Teams and Church-related groups, bands and choirs but I realize there are a lot who can actually do well withing the country and outside.

Now to the OH, NO! part of the story. Mr. Lilongwe Nice Guy left for home , to the land of George Dubya. The blog entries on him will have to cease (sadly) otherwise it will be gossip to blog about him in his absence. Oooh noo!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Kenyan Juju and FaceBook Blues

This entry will be short and sweet as it's a Friday and I can't be chained to the computer. Non, non, et non!! Time to relax. On Kenyan Juju - intriguing read in the Paper, " Looters in Kenya return goods en-masse after reports of deaths and disease among those keeping looted goods." Ayo, never steal from personally-owned businesses wewe, what were you thinking? tsk.... tsk....

Now I was quite disturbed to see a very undesirable pic on my facebook, now Malawians, please when you live out there don't go to extremes, pilizi chonde ndagwira mwendo zinazi ndi azungu omwe sangatumize!

Cheers! Woza Friday! Happy weekend.

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The best view in Lilongwe I've seen so far

I want to capture Lilongwe from Capital Hill. Wow, there's Bunda Mountain, Reserve Bank, Kang'ombe....even the minarets from the two mosques in Old Town in one glance! Wow, and look at me thinking Zomba was flat, of course flatter than Zomba but hey, it's cool.

Monday, January 7, 2008

Life got interesting on the week-end

Now that my friend Melanie has returned to the US, and my other friend Grenna has returned to Blantyre, reality has began to kick in. I had never noticed the long hours my real housemate puts in at work. Last night she came in at 10.30 and that was early. Now I have to find ways occupy myself when I am all by my lonesome.

God wants me to be creative, i.e. a friend installed Vista Ultimate on my previously Vista Home Basic laptop but it went awol now so I couldn't watch movies or listen to music last night. My radio doesn't have a cable and I hadn't charged my batteries so I had to occupy myself by cooking. A lot of drama in that. To cut a long story short, I cooked really slowly and had dinner at 10. Fries, and stewed chicken.

Now about the week-end, life got very interesting on the weekend... while Mr. Zomba Nice Guy is chilling in Zomba, there happens to be someone just as nice over here, I'll call him Mr. Lilongwe Nice guy. He's got many things in common with his Zomba counter-part except skin-tone, the Lilongwe one is, shall I say, closer to my own skin tone. Anywho, it seems (and seems here is used to the maximum) there is a recurrent problem because in both the two men's lives is a woman who is very close friends with them. Now these women are both my friends and for some reason is seems they hoag these men even though they know /sense that I like them. What happened to kindness? Maybe it's not meant to be with either of these gentlemen because see, I never knew you had to get through bureacratic red-tape to know and spend time with someone...I wonder if any of this makes sense. It' s sad really but what don't kill you can only make you stronger.

Reminds me of a time my friend invited a guy over to her house for dinner, he showed up with a friend, a girl who was actually my friend's friend. Pity, now she had to act like she wasn't that into the guy, pity. if it was me, I would have said, "hey Mr and Miss, I only have two China dishes and since there is now three of us, we're gonna have to cancel this dinner, for life." Seriously, can you tell it sux. What if we women show up for a date with the dude's friend. I'm rambling here... I gotta move on, for real.

Nota bene. I don't their sides of the story, all four them (Mr. Zomba N.G, his friend, Mr. Lilongwe N.G., his friend) and perhaps I'd rather not.

On a positive note: I had a great time last week-end. Learned to play pool some more and went to parts of Lilongwe I haven't been to. Mr. Lilongwe N.G. was there but I had a chip on my shoulder because of the issue of his friend but sans that, we all had a great amount of fun. Did the monthly grocery shopping etc. Good times.
Now I'm riding to and from work, hey, I'll be fit. It's only a 15 min ride but some pretty good ascents both ways. L8a

Wednesday, January 2, 2008

OK, I think I was too harsh in my last post

Between the time i made my last entry and now...I spoke on the phone with a wiser friend from Zomba. I shared about the Mr. Zomba Nice Guy (she knows who he is) and I understand what she said. I will interpret it as: "When you don't know his side of the story, refrain from making up own conclusion." I now admit I don't know his side of the story. May I peacefully go on with my rest of the day and not wave a fist at the memory of my recent Zomba sojourn. Remember Romans 8:28!
I know I have plenty of pix I need to post. I'm working on uploading them in the near future.

Exiting things happening in Lilongwe, there is a 10-nation swimming gala at ABC Christian Academy, I hope to make an appearance before it's over tomorrow. That's some big event innit? There are auditions for a play "How to find a man" at Brother's Keeper on Saturday morning. Their last play had a good reception and I'm sure this one will be bigger. I have self-confidence but I'm not sure I'll make the cast, ANYWHOO! I'll still go for the auditions. It doesn't hurt. I loved drama in my High School days, I'd like to believe I still have the talent it took to get noticed by the French Drama organizers when our school (Mary Mount Girls) won the regionals back in '98 (boy, I'm old) forgive me for blowing my own horn but I was the lead actress! L8a and Happy New Year!

the Story ot Vista Ultimate

So I was really excited that a friend installed Vista Ultimate on my laptop. On January 2, a message came on my computer, I will let u guess what that message was. So I can't use my laptop now, lucky thing I'm back in Lilongwe and his office is only 10 minutes away. Hopefully we can get it to work again with something genuine.
Zomba was good, I learnt a lot of life lessons there. There was someone there that I thought was a really nice young man. Well, I'm sure he is really nice and he is a young man, anyways, I was there for 8 days and wasn't blessed with his presence. I don't know whether it was by his design or circumstances didn't permit him, regardless, ANOTHER ONE BITES THE DUST. Let's move on to someone else this year. Goodbye Mr. Zomba Nice Guy!!

the Story ot Vista Ultiamte