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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growth Spurt

It is true what they say, "You are what You do." Getting this job, co-ordinating things has made me realize that I can't be a victim anymore. Tough situations come up and u have to think, "it's not about me anymore." So you must survive no matter what. It's tough but getting gutsy comes with the territory. I wonder if I'd have survived as a female young adult in any culture 200 years ago. I'm not into the "women's liberation" thing, I'm just a Christian, free. When you taste freedom, it's hard to imagine what life could have been like, same age, same gender, 200 years ago. It helps to know that others paid a price for life to be like this for me in this century.

I have the freedom it takes to own the responsibility to decide what I do, say, and think. Wow. Thank God

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19

Ten days until the month is over and it's getting busier. My sister was supposed to move in for some months but had plans changed at the last minute. It's a bummer really because she's good at giving good insight and livening things up. Ah, well. There will be another time.

I've enjoyed February so far, I was very apprehensive about this month. But I've learned that it's Jesus who holds all things together. I was worried about the various deadlines I had to meet at the office, bills (u know after January spending) but thank God for God! I don't have much to report on now. I'm sad Steve Constantine won't be the Malawi team coach anymore, I liked his verve. I'm happy the rains are still here, we need them. I'm thankful for internet, it's a wonder. Thankful, happy, sad....hey, it's kinda cool not to have much to say innit. Next time. Oh, by the waaaay, why I had to run around the happy place floor escaping funny strangers on a Friday in Lilongwe? I mean really, can't a girl go there and just chill without being really afraid of the unknown? Guess I gotta be smarter than that. No more that place for me. Yep!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Apology for "Valentine Wisdom"

I'm not too proud to apologize. I found myself utilizing this Leap Year. For those of you who don't know (and I only found out earlier today) that in a Leap year women can make a move. so throwing yesterday's blog to the wind, I asked someone to be my valentine. So, it turns out, I have my first Valentine's ever. Don't try to understand, you'll never understand women. Sorry, I had a change of heart.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Wisdom

When u get to my age, chances are (if u don't live in Hollywood, that is)that u have gotten urself bits of wisdom along the way. Tomorrow is a big day, Valentine's Day. I like this day a lot. the color, the love in the air, the goofy smiles, the busy cash registers in the restaurants, happy waiters, busy DJ's, clear shelves in the Card stores. The list goes on.

Frankly speaking. I've never had a Valentine's date. The odd significant other shows up after Valentine's Day. When the next Valentine's Day rolls around, the significant has become insignificant. There haven't been many of them. At a point in time I used to worry and made it my life's ambition to be part of the usual: the looking forward to the "Feb. 14", the wearing of something red, the fine dining, the make-up ritual etc. Now wisdom dictates that, it will come when it does. for now, why not enjoy the day as I am able. I used to go out with friends on this day and spend spend spend. But why lose money.

This year I'll treat myself by keeping money in the Bank. Self-investment. Imagine, if I'd done that all this long, man I'd buy property by now. I hope I'll be part of everyone else's usual next year and sit up in that special restaurant but if not, wisdom dictates that I enrich myself, ur good wisdom! Could be there will be a surprise tomorrow, u never know. For now though, I'm taking my purse that could have been abused tomorrow down to the bank. Don't mug me on the way abeg-O!!!

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Kukwera Yowina (Rooting for the winning team)

U know, so proud of, ahem, myself for being a good soccer predictor. Knew Egypt was gonna win. See, sorry to say Malawi, but if ur own team loses one too many times u become an expert at seeing the strenghths in other teams. Look here now, from the word go, I analyzed all this year's ANC teams and just knew I had to "kwera ma Pharaoh." Now as a Christian some would ask, why root for a clearly other religion's team? All I gotta say is hey, I was rooting for the game only. Hope I haven't been your stumbling block.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Go Egypt!!

I'll say this and hold my peace, for now, at least. I'm rooting for Egypt all the way. Now some will say, root for Sub-Saharan Africa blah, blah, blah but hey this is soccer, maybe this could be one of the stepping stones to a better Africa, you KNOW WHAT LETS JUST GET THAT LIBYAN TECHNOLOGY IMPLEMENTED ON THE FULL SAHARA DESERT AND THERE WON'T BE NO SAHARA :-( :-)
"Sub-Saharan, North African" Are not even African words.