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Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Valentine's Day Wisdom

When u get to my age, chances are (if u don't live in Hollywood, that is)that u have gotten urself bits of wisdom along the way. Tomorrow is a big day, Valentine's Day. I like this day a lot. the color, the love in the air, the goofy smiles, the busy cash registers in the restaurants, happy waiters, busy DJ's, clear shelves in the Card stores. The list goes on.

Frankly speaking. I've never had a Valentine's date. The odd significant other shows up after Valentine's Day. When the next Valentine's Day rolls around, the significant has become insignificant. There haven't been many of them. At a point in time I used to worry and made it my life's ambition to be part of the usual: the looking forward to the "Feb. 14", the wearing of something red, the fine dining, the make-up ritual etc. Now wisdom dictates that, it will come when it does. for now, why not enjoy the day as I am able. I used to go out with friends on this day and spend spend spend. But why lose money.

This year I'll treat myself by keeping money in the Bank. Self-investment. Imagine, if I'd done that all this long, man I'd buy property by now. I hope I'll be part of everyone else's usual next year and sit up in that special restaurant but if not, wisdom dictates that I enrich myself, ur good wisdom! Could be there will be a surprise tomorrow, u never know. For now though, I'm taking my purse that could have been abused tomorrow down to the bank. Don't mug me on the way abeg-O!!!

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