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Sunday, November 18, 2007

Cloudy and Warm

I'm so glad the weather in Lilongwe has changed over the week-end. It's now cloudy, still humid but I don't miss the glare of the sun yet. I did all my laundry so it's good to wear long-sleeves while I wait for the light clothes to dry. Ha, good luck with them drying..... I had a very good week-end. The Presidential Road, the road that leads to State House is behind our apartment, was full of activity on Saturday.

The presidential convoy zoomed in and out of State House, dangnabbit! I didn't count the vehicles, next time...I've watched the convoys in Kamuzu Banda's, Bakili Muluzi's and now Bingu wa Mutharika's time but every time it's like I'm seeing them for the first time. It's pretty much motor cycles, Land Rovers, one Maybach/SUV (or Rolls Royce in Banda's time), an ambulance, an RV and some more cars. I'll count next time and provide a better list. My favorite part of the convoy is the soldiers hanging onto the Land Rovers that are cruising at +80mph!

Another good part of the week was spending it with a new friend, Sika, she's from Seattle and works here in Malawi as a Peace Corp. We watched Seraphim Falls, pretty intense but well directed. Good times.

Well here's a couple more random pix.


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