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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A lesson for me

DISCLAIMER: The thoughts from the book mentioned below contains ideas that I believe are effective and helpful, the beliefs held by the author in his personal life are in no way my own.

I apologize to all men and women for my uneducated opinions in regards to men/women relationships in entries such as the October 1 “Quoting Jaime on Vain Games Men Play.” It's a blessing to have embarked on a new personal development research, I am actually studying myself now, finding out what I need to know about relationships. There IS so much to learn especially for one who thought being 25+ is enough to take on the challenge. Expecting I would be using the phrase, "I already knew that" often.

I am reading John Gray’s “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus”. Man, there is so much I need to learn from that book. Some critics have made their comments on that book, as for me, ME LIKEY because I relate so much to the women described in there, and here I was thinking I was pretty A OK I am yet to finish the book, it’s a slow read for me because it’s so personal, it’s like someone is telling me the story of my life. So, if you read that entry and actually agreed with me, yeah agree with me now: GO and buy “Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus.” If you’re a guy and were confused with that entry, I recommend you get the book as well.

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acacia said...

babes don't apologise for your earlier posts... you referred to true experiences. i think 'men are from mars' makes one good point... and then they drag it out. the nineties explained everything with science but i think that the 'mysterious distance between a man and a woman' is more complex than biological differences.