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Thursday, September 17, 2009

When Women let each other Down

It has been declared that prostitutes in my Stan can no longer be referred to as 'sex workers' as that has been deemed to be discriminatory. As from now, according to a statement made by a woman official, (wouldn't you know it?) they are to be referred to as "people who frequent public places". My question now is, when addressing child-prostitution that affects a lot of little girls and forced-prostitution cases; affecting a lot of poor women, shall we begin to say, "Police must investigate adults who are kidnapping children and forcing them into "frequenting public places", and let's rise up against, "child-frequenting-public-places crimes". Will that be taken with the seriousness that is called for?

I am inclined to believe some NGO is underlying this, I wonder, if it IS an NGO/s that came up with this, if they made such suggestions in their own country where they came from or where their funding came from. Let's think things through and investigate thoroughly because the consequences will affect us, long after the NGO/s and so-called activists are gone. Kodi zimenezi taziganizila bwino bwino with both sides of the coin considered?

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