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Monday, June 2, 2008

Free Tampons, pictures of orphans on FaceBook profiles and general foreign nastiness

I suppose we've got Madonna to thank for, ahem, putting Malawi in the spotlight. Shall I say it's now fashionable to pity Malawi,
"Hey, where are you folks sending the money you are running for?"
"Malawi of course, oh, those poor, poor orphans, plus that hunger situation and the attempted coup..."

Now they are bringing free, all of the sudden the African (read Malawian) girl child just woke up from thousands of years and discovered, "I don't know what to use when I get a period." Psych! I'm not denying the presence of orphans, for there are many nor am I denying the fact that cloth sanitary pads may not be as hygienic as disposable items but hey, why do you have to make girls the object of your ad campaigns and orphans a money spinning industry. If you want to help, help just don't blow your own horn so loud that you leave a ringing in my ear!!

What has made the Buckaroo so mad today? FaceBook profiles of people who think it's so cool to flash the world pictures of the orphans they encountered here in their orphan "care" work. What upsets me is that, and I am speaking from experience since I am in the same field, if you care enough for that child you will honor their dignity by presenting them to your world in a way that they would be proud of, especially when they are older. Not on FaceBook with all the dirt and snot and torn clothes, IF YOUR ORPHANAGE IS REPUTABLE, WHERE IS THE SOAP AT?? AND THE HAIR BRUSH??? Please give me a break, if you are serving them, they should look different if you have enough money left over from your African service to spend on DSL and keep your facebook running and your digital camera charged.....The PETULANCE!!

OK, I have said what I needed to say, now let me hold my peace. Dangnabbit, I was supposed to wax lyrical about the Flames victory over Djibouti (Shoremen from the Red Sea) and Central Zone Basketball's (CEZOBAL) events. Well, I'll have to wait until I'm calmer...

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