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Sunday, July 13, 2008

Bus conversations

One thing I love about going on a long bus trip here in Malawi is that without fail, there shall always be talkative people who don't mind airing their intimate opinions to strangers they are never likely to meet again.
I was on one such trip on Friday night, I got off work very late and took three buses home to the City of Zomba. The first and longest was in BigFoot Bus. Everyone was quiet to begin with until a drunk or mad man (we were not sure which) stood in the middle of the road and the bus had to swerve violently to avoid him. From the back of the bus a man could be heard lamenting, "Driver, if that happens again, stop the bus so we can beat the living daylights out of such a person. You know, important people are in here, if we were to pool the money in all our wallets together, do you know how much it will all add up to? A lot. some people in here have frowns on their faces, they might be on the verge of separation and they are busy thinking about how to apologize to their spouses when they arrive. Some are Pastors in here. Some are witchdoctors....on and on he went until a few other young men joined him in talk about politics and HIV/AIDS. Very interesting insights. At times I wish I had a recorder and record the wisdoms of Bus riders...

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naomi said...

I know what you mean. Personally I get all my soapie updates from the housewives that take the 9.20 train with me. Here's one I heard this week whilst on the Khayelitsha train (probably the most overused train in Cape Town). A train beggar was found dead some days ago, and the police found a sack rolled around his waist. When they opened it, it had close to 1 million Rand in all shapes and sizes. Makes you think.